Beyoncé Inspires Teen’s Prom Dress, But Is She A Good Role Model?

Beyoncé was the source of inspiration for a teen’s prom dress. Like all of us, she loved the singer’s jaw-dropping look at the 2015 Met Gala, so she decided to recreate it.

People have been all abuzz over this teenager’s prom dress. She wanted to slay at her prom, and slay she did. Aspiring fashion designer India Ross from St. Louis, Missouri, loved Beyoncé’s Met Gala red carpet look from 2015. The performer showed up late to the red carpet in a revealing nude Givenchy gown that was embellished with multicolored stones in all the right places.

India was so inspired by the look that she decided to get someone to make her own. She enlisted the help of local fashion designer Toi Hall of Toi Box Couture to work on her prom dress. India wasn’t going to let her do it all her own, though. She even bought the materials she wanted for the dress from various craft stores. The 18-year-old even used a doubled mesh material so it wasn’t too revealing, and her mom was pleased with the final design.

Told my mommy you was my sister I love you Beyoncè

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“When I gave the designer my money, I said, ‘Can you make me feel like I’m Beyoncé? And that’s what she did,” she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

The high school graduate revealed that she’s attending Columbia College Chicago in the fall to double major in Fashion Business and Fashion Merchandising. She also cited Beyoncé as her fashion inspiration.

“I really love Beyoncé. I watch a lot of fashion shows and ever since I saw her outfit at the Met Gala, I just knew that I was going to wear that to prom. It was see-through and I loved all of the diamonds and crystals. Everything about the outfit just caught my attention.”

While most teenagers are stressing over who to take to prom, or how to ask their parents to rent them limo service, India was worried about how long her dress would take to create. She said that it wasn’t finished until the day of her prom, this past weekend.

Not only did she recreate Beyoncé’s dress to a T, but she also perfected the singer’s poses. India took to Instagram to share some of her Bey-inspired photos she had taken at prom throughout the night. She admitted that she felt like a Queen Bey that night. Even her teachers and classmates treated her like a celebrity.

“It seriously felt like I was at the Grammys. At prom, it felt like we were somewhere with a bunch of celebrities because everyone looked so good. I felt so cute. My teachers were calling me ‘Little Beyoncé.’ All of my classmates wanted to take pictures with me and the photographers at prom took so many pictures of me. I felt like a celebrity.”

As for India’s prom date, he was very happy with her look. He said, “You are the most beautiful thing ever.” He even dressed up in a similar white tuxedo jacket, similar to the one Jay Z wore at the 2014 Met Gala.

I made it to 17 magazine wow Thank You everybody ???????? I love you Beyoncé

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All the press and attention to India’s prom gown led to negative attention. She admitted that some people slammed her for wanting to look like Beyoncé, which isn’t such a bad thing. Who wouldn’t want to look like the flawless singer? India says that she wants to be known as “India,” but she’s still inspired by the Lemonade singer when it comes to her sense of style and professionalism. She also cites Beyoncé as a role model for her own life.

“But I do not think I’m Beyoncé, I am my own person. I have my own style, my own beliefs, and my own life. I don’t want to live her life but she is a good role model for everyone.”

There are some who would disagree with this statement. Heather Hunter of Lizette doesn’t think that the singer paints a positive image for teenagers and young girls. The writer argued that Bey’s racy lyrics and raunchy performances send the wrong message.

Hunter also brought up the fact that Beyoncé’s image has changed since her “Formation” video put social issues to the forefront by focusing on the Black Lives Matter movement, but one would argue that it’s actually an important issue for young black girls and boys to learn about.

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As for her new album, Lemonade, she shared a blurred message to young girls about what to do when a man cheats on a woman. Beyoncé chose to stay married to Jay Z despite his alleged infidelity issues. Some critics think that could also send a damaging message to young fans who look up to her.

What are your thoughts on Beyoncé? Do you think she’s a good role model for young girls? Sound off below in the comments section.

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