Did ‘Teen Mom 2’ Kailyn Lowry Cheat On Javi Marroquin? She Responds After He Calls Her Out On Twitter

Did Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry commit the ultimate crime and cheat on her husband, Javi Marroquin, during his deployment in Qatar? According to a new report, the reality star has been spotted with “multiple mystery men” since Marroquin was deployed earlier this year, but when it comes to cheating on him with a man named Tyler Hill, Kailyn Lowry denies any such thing.

Earlier this week, following the latest episode of Teen Mom 2, Marroquin slammed Kailyn Lowry on Twitter after it was revealed that she had received a text message from Hill during a FaceTime session with Marroquin.

In a clip from the show, Kailyn Lowry was seen talking to her husband as she quickly swiped away a message from Hill. However, she didn’t swipe fast enough and fans immediately sent Marroquin screenshots of the text message on Twitter, which prompted quite the shocking response.

“Oh interesting,” Marroquin wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “Same guy from last season.”

During Teen Mom 2 Season 6, Kailyn Lowry and Marroquin were seen feuding after Marroquin accused Lowry of being sneaky with her text messages from another man. Although Lowry claimed at the time that nothing was going on, Marroquin didn’t feel good about his wife’s interaction with men behind his back.

Shortly after Marroquin’s tweet was shared, Kailyn Lowry fired back at allegations of cheating.

“Tyler Hill is my best friend from school,” Kailyn Lowry explained to Radar Online on May 18. “I didn’t sleep with him! You didn’t see emojis next to his name. Tyler has the same major as me. We have the same classes together. We’ve even filmed together.”

Kailyn Lowry also told Radar Online that despite Marroquin’s claim, Hill was not the same guy she was text messaging during Teen Mom 2 Season 6.

As for why Marroquin chose to comment on the situation so publicly, Kailyn Lowry explained, “Maybe he was being a smart a**?”

Since sharing his Twitter message about Kailyn Lowry and Hill, Marroquin shared a second post, telling fans, “I need to stay off social media it gets me in trouble lol.”

In early May, as Radar Online revealed, Marroquin hinted that a split was near when he shared a series of mysterious tweets with his fans and followers.

“I had to let go of us to show myself what I could do,” Marroquin tweeted. “And if you wanna know about my marriage… We’re on TV. You’ll find out eventually.”

After Marroquin posted his messages, which many believed were in regard to his possible divorce, a fan told Marroquin he should feel “terrible” for his step-son, Isaac, 6. In response, he explained, “That’s my best friend… [I’m] hurting just as much as he is.”

Although Kailyn Lowry had previously denied rumors of a split, she told Radar Online that she didn’t “know what’s going on” after Marroquin’s tweets were shared.

“Being there is messing with his head I’m sure. My head is exactly where your head is,” she said.

Kailyn Lowry also confirmed, “We’re married.”

“We need people in our lives who raise our standards,” Marroquin recently tweeted.

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry has also added to divorce speculation on Twitter, telling fans, “Some people change their hair color when they’re going through a big change in their life… Some people go skydiving.”

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[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]