‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Takes Plea Deal On Guns And Drugs, Sex Assault Charges Dropped [Breaking News]

Pawn Stars Chumlee, aka Austin Lee Russell, is not going to do serious jail time for the guns and drugs found in his home during a search, and the sexual assault charges have been dropped, according to court documents. Chumlee’s attorneys have been working on a plea deal to keep Chumlee out of jail, but it sounds like a judge has not yet made the deal official.

According to the Inquisitr, Chumlee was under investigation for a sexual assault when the police raided his home looking for evidence. Not only did the police take away bedding and other items they thought linked Chumlee to the assault, but they found guns and drugs that made it seem as if there were enough for distribution. In addition to marijuana, there was cocaine residue and Xanax in large supply.

TMZ is reporting that it seems that Chumlee got his money’s worth with his legal team because they have managed to avoid trial for now and strike a deal. The D.A. will be charging Chumlee with felony possession of a firearm and felony possession of a controlled substance, but the plea deal reached is a really good one, if a judge agrees.

All of the details have not been released, but Chumlee will serve no jail time for either felony but will spend time on probation. As for the sexual assault, there was not enough evidence to charge Chumlee.

The Lawyer Herald says that Rick Harrison says that after all of the legal drama is behind him, Chumlee could be back on Pawn Stars, and if he isn’t facing jail time, Chumlee could be back with the Harrisons sooner rather than later. Though Chumlee was facing a trial, a plea agreement could save him from going before a judge.

In the last week, Chumlee has reactivated his social media accounts, and things were seeming to get back to normal. The only caveat was that Chumlee did not engage in any conversation about his legal troubles or the pending trial. The total haul from Chumlee’s house was reportedly 12 guns, marijuana and 17 bars of methamphetamine and Xanax.

Rick Harrison, the head of the pawn shop featured on Pawn Stars, claimed to want to do anything he could to help Chumlee get through this crisis and back on the History Channel hit show. Harrison claimed that Chumlee was innocent, and as long as he cleared his name, he would be back on Pawn Stars.

The Las Vegas NBC affiliate says that is sounds as if Chumlee will avoid any time in jail or prison as along as he keeps his nose clean during his probation period, at which time the felonies will become misdemeanors.

Chumlee’s attorneys, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld, shared that after an in depth investigation, there was not sufficient evidence against Chumlee to charge him with the sexual assault that started his legal troubles.

A judge still needs to sign off on this deal that was struck today, but it sounds as if Chumlee got very lucky.

The details in the Chumlee plea deal are still being hashed out at this time.

Do you think that Chumlee will be able to avoid any jail time?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]