‘Fast and Furious 8’ Confirms Return Of Nathalie Emmanuel, Films In Cleveland [Video]

Fast and Furious 8 has now confirmed that the smoking hot beauty Nathalie Emmanuel, who rose to fame on Game of Thrones, is returning to the movie franchise. For those who do not know, Emmanuel was the elite hacker from Fast and Furious 7 named Ramsey. Her character, who is by all means gorgeous to say the least, will be presumably joining the emerging covert team of the Fast and Furious vindicated criminals turned operatives for the U.S government and Interpol.

What is immediately clear about her return to the Fast and Furious franchise is that the team needs someone who can hack the world, literally. Although most of the details for the film have been kept under wraps, it is unclear at this time who will be replacing Paul Walker on the show, but it seems unlikely that the character of Brian O’Connor will be featured in any way.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the return of Emmanuel to the Fast and Furious franchise was announced via Instagram by star Vin Diesel.

Ramsey's back! Love this girl... #F8

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Production for Fast and Furious 8 has already started, and the crew made history by filming some parts of their movie in Cuba earlier this month. As most fans of the Fast and Furious franchise already know, production for each one of these movies takes place all over the world, which includes London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and Abu Dhabi. There is no place in the world that Fast and Furious will not take their production to.

The Fast and Furious film series actually started off only in Los Angeles. The story remained there until Part 2, where Brian O’Connor took the action to Florida. Then there was that Tokyo Drift installment that first took the franchise overseas.

From there, and following the return of Vin Diesel to the franchise, Fast and Furious has been all about the action heroes making a dent in every corner of the world. There was never any heist that was not big enough to pull off and no character that could not do the job.

Although characters have died and come back in the Fast and Furious franchise, all of the characters have faced some degree of peril that have landed them permanently in the ground. But the Fast and Furious team rages on and finds new and creative ways to win over the hearts of millions around the world. Even the most powerful governments have come to trust this team of renegade vigilantes who have seen fame, fortune, and heartache.

In Fast and Furious 7, the entire film was a revenge plot that centered the whole franchise on a single theme. That, of course, is what put the Furious team in contact with Emmanuel, who will likely be a permanent mainstay for the franchise moving forward.

There have been announcements for the franchise, which includes a planned trilogy as well as some spinoffs for the films as well.

For those in the United States, you will be excited to hear that Fast and Furious 8 has reached that stage in the film process where they are now shutting down streets and filming major scenes to be featured in the movie. As a matter of fact, the current phase of filming is taking place in Cleveland right now, as reported by local news station Cleveland 19.

There has also been a notice sent out to all Cleveland residents that downtown may be quite congested for a while because of the street closures for Fast and Furious 8 filming. For those who live in that area, be advised that you should avoid driving in downtown Cleveland.

Fast and Furious 8 will be released in theaters next year, on April 14.

[Image via Universal Pictures]