‘Fallout 4’ DLC Far Harbor Introduces A New Companion And More, Region Release Times Revealed By Bethesda

New environments, enemies, items, and much more await Fallout 4 players in the upcoming Far Harbor DLC. The enormous DLC is expected to offer players plenty of new experiences against a different backdrop with special weapons to discover, a new companion to recruit, and another narrative to uncover.

Hoping to share a few more details about what Fallout 4 fans should expect with this week’s launch of the game’s third DLC pack, Bethesda also provided a rundown of what Far Harbor will have in store. First and foremost, the DLC will introduce a brand new area to explore for players. The island of Far Harbor itself is said to be one of the largest landmasses that the team has created in any Bethesda title to date. As the Inquisitr reported earlier this year, the developer confirmed that the map for the new Fallout 4 add-on is larger than the one found in the Shivering Isles DLC for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which is widely considered to be the biggest DLC that the studio has created.

To make this new area even more enticing, Far Harbor island will also add multiple new settlements to Fallout 4 for players to manage. This will give users a place to build on and customize as they see fit while they try to manage the warring factions contained within the DLC.

“With the raging sea in front of them and radioactive fog covering the rest of the island – plus an ongoing war with the Children of Atom – the people of Far Harbor don’t have much cause to be joyful. They have found their safe haven thanks to a special device that keeps the fog at bay, but they are looking to expand to new settlements.”

Fallout 4
Concept art of Longfellow, the new companion in Far Harbor [Image via Bethesda]

This rising conflict between the opposing groups in Far Harbor forms the basis for the add-on’s story. Similar to how Bethesda built a giant new region for the new content, the DLC also boasts the largest expansion to Fallout 4‘s narrative to date.

“You’ll find much more than just hostile denizens and radiation in Fallout 4’s latest add-on. In addition to being Bethesda Game Studios’ largest landmass that they have ever created for an add-on, the island is host to a wealth of mysteries for you to uncover. Discover new creatures, arm yourself with new gear and seek out the truth behind the ongoing conflict between factions on the island. Along the way you’ll face some of the most complex and nuanced choices in Fallout.”

Fallout 4
The Far Harbor landscape is different from the base game [Image via Bethesda]

The exact release time for Far Harbor in different regions around the world is also part of the news from Bethesda today. A midnight release of the DLC is expected across the world with the North American release scheduled to occur at midnight Eastern Time. The full list includes exact times for the UK, Australia, Japan, and other countries for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One release for Far Harbor.

Fallout 4 continues to update with free patches and paid DLC. Most recently, the epic RPG added a hardcore survival mode, giving players a chance to experience the wasteland in the most difficult way possible. The optional survival mode makes everything harder for the Sole Survivor by adding a weight value to ammo, allowing saving only after sleeping, and introducing other hardcore aspects to the game. There is even a new Fatigue statistic to manage that will lower a character’s Action Point bar like Radiation damage lowers the player’s health bar.

Although Far Harbor is the last announced piece if downloadable content to release for Fallout 4, more DLC is expected to release as part of the game’s season pass. No official word is out on what is to come; however, rumors suggest more settlement DLCs, like Wasteland Workshop, are likely. According to a post on Reddit, users supposedly found lines referencing an upcoming Fallout 4 DLC tentatively called Nuka World.

[Image via Bethesda]