Madonna, Elton John Make Up … Sort Of

Madonna and Elton John might be burying the hatchet after a feud in which the music legends exchanged angry words.

Or maybe they’re not. It all depends on how you interpret Madonna’s words at a recent concert. She spent some time at a performance in France to address the ongoing feud with Elton John, Entertainment Weekly noted, saying she wanted to dedicate a song to him.

Whether or not she was being facetious is not exactly clear.

“I’d like to dedicate this next song to a Mr. Elton John,” Madonna said.“I know he’s a big fan of it. And I know he’s a big fan of mine. And you know? I forgive him. Gotta start somewhere.”

In case you’re not caught up on the Madonna-Elton John feud, what she’s forgiving him for are comments that compared Madonna to a “fairground stripper.”

The bad blood between Madonna and Elton John stretches back decades, but it’s grown especially nasty in the recent weeks, Hollywood Reporter noted.

In a recent interview on Australian television, Elton John said this of Madonna’s recent tour and album:

“She’s such a nightmare. Her career is over, I can tell you that. Her tour is a disaster and it couldn’t happen to a bigger c—.”

He went on to add, “And she looks like a f—ing fairground stripper.”

Though Madonna’s words at her concert in France may have sounded sincere, the song she dedicated to him shows that the Madonna-Elton John feud lives on. After the introduction, the Material Girl went on to sing “Masterpiece,” which beat out Elton John’s “Hello Hello” for a Golden Globe this year.