‘House Of Cards’ Star Robin Wright Demanded Equal Pay – And Got It

House of Cards is perhaps the most powerful show on television, in more ways than one. So much so that when actress Robin Wright demanded that she get paid as much as co-star Kevin Spacey, her wish was granted – without hesitation.

When speaking at the Rockefeller Foundation on Tuesday, Robin Wright opened up to the media and activists that she was paid equal to Spacey on House of Cards, but it took her strong voice to get it, according to the Huffington Post.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

If there is one thing that the powerhouse show House of Cards is perhaps best known for, it is the powerful way the characters of Frank Underwood and Claire Underwood make gains in the political arena on the fictional show. So much so that they were able to put Frank in the White House as the president, without him even running for the office, nor running as a running mate on the ticket.

It is things like that which make House of Cards such a powerful draw. It illuminates the political world and puts the true colors of Washington politicians on display for the world to see. Although many have been naïve enough in the past to think that things like that don’t really happen, those people may want to think again.

Although House of Cards is a fictional show set in a fictional universe, the show has a careful way of taking the elements of society we live in and uniquely transcribing them for the small screen.

But there is another thing that House of Cards does that also mirrors what the current political and social climate is about. That is the inevitable demand for equality among all American citizens. That includes gender pay, gay rights and equal opportunities. Say what you want about Frank and Claire Underwood, but for all of the issues that are in front of their fictional civilians, they are on the right side of history with those issues.

But since this is House of Cards and not House of Dolls, there has to be some sort of thrilling element to the show to keep people watching every year on Netflix. It seems to convey to its viewers that even though there are political affiliations that you align yourself with, there is always going to be corruption of some sort in that party.

In House of Cards, Frank and Claire Underwood are part of the Democratic Party, and the show really seems to villainize the party as a whole. But it does not back down from the corrupt actions of the Republican Party either.

Just last season, it was Frank’s wife Claire who demanded that she is an equal part of Frank’s presidency on House of Cards. That means she wanted a bigger role in shaping domestic and foreign policy, including an authoritative role that his staff must comply with.

Claire showed Frank that she can do what it takes to succeed, even if that meant burying him in the process. That was made clear when she posted the picture of his father on a billboard that showed he was in the Ku Klux Klan. That of course made him lose his home state in the primary election and was a major blow to Frank in House of Cards, Season 4. But Claire assured him that she could bring him back from the brink if he made her his vice president.

So it seems as though Robin Wright can also demand the same respect in real life that her character Claire Underwood demands on House of Cards. Although Wright is not vying for political power, she is demanding equal pay for her role in House of Cards, which seems to be something that producers had no trouble giving her.

[Image via Netflix]