After ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Christina Milian’s Next TV Show May Be ‘Rocky Horror’

Christina Milian has been a topic of conversation on Twitter because so many of her fans are sad that Grandfathered got canceled, and there will be less of her character “Vanessa” in their lives.

Although Vulture and Variety gave great reviews about the finale of Grandfathered, they gave little insight into what Christina Milian has coming up for the summer.

Unfortunately, it appears that her fans may be experiencing a Christina Milian drought in 2016. As it stands, there are several potential projects on the horizon, but after the immediate future, it might not be until Halloween that any of Christina Milian’s fans will see her on television.

On Facebook, Christina Milian announced that she is still on TV for a bit longer after Grandfathered, and she is using her stage skills with her former Grandfathered co-star, Josh Peck, for Lip Sync Battle on May 19 on Spike TV.

About Lip Sync Battle, Billboard writes that Christina Milian fired up the stage the week before with her choreographed version of Jennifer Lopez’s “Waiting for Tonight.”

After Lip Sync Battle, unfortunately, it might be a long and hot summer without Christina Milian. This can be harsh for fans because Christina Milian was a big part of TV in 2015 and early 2016 because of her show, Turned Up on the E! Network.

Regardless, there have not been any announcements about a new season of her reality TV series despite the fact that the announcements of the first two seasons were fairly immediate and predictable.

For instance, the first season of Christina Milian’s show premiered on January 18, 2015, after starting production as early as March 2014. Following a successful first season, it was announced in April 2015 that there would be a second season for Christina Milian Turned Up which premiered several months later on November 3, 2015.

Christina Milian will be working on her FOX TV project this summer for Rocky Horror
Christina Milian may not be on TV much this summer, but that does not mean she will not be working hard on upcoming projects like her role in "Rocky Horror" on FOX. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

While Turned Up Season 2 was immediately picked up, unfortunately, the same news was not announced for Christina Milian fans for Season 3.

In the meantime, what has been announced on the E! Network instead of Christina Milian’s show is Mariah Carey’s new reality series, and they already have a teaser, according to Bella Naija.

This means there many be no rhyme or reason to predicting when the announcement by the E! Network about Christina Milian Turned Up having a Season 3 will happen.

Unless another project is announced, the next likely option to see Christina Milian acting might be when she plays Magenta in Rocky Horror Picture Show that debuts on FOX on Halloween.

Outside of acting and singing, Christina Milian is a business woman and owns a fashion line called We Are Pop Culture. While she may launch a new app at any time or promote a product she loves (such as her Viva Diva Wines), it is likely that fashion is the only way Christina Milian fans can hope to see more of her this summer.

After all, Christina Milian spent a majority of the summer of 2015 managing pop-up stores for We Are Pop Culture in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, according to Daily Mail.

In some ways, it does seem that Christina Milian could be teasing about potential We Are Pop Culture fashion lines. For example, on May 14, Christina Milian was photographed wearing a “bold” shirt with screen-printed guns, according to Mirror.

Christina Milian stunned in a black gown for the May 12 AltaMed gala in Beverly Hills. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AltaMed)

On May 13, Christina Milian was photographed by Daily Mail wearing a stunning black evening gown for the AltaMed Power Up, We Are The Future Gala in Beverly Hills.

Whatever is next, people continue to be fascinated with almost every aspect of Christina Milian’s life including her take on motherhood. For example, when Christina Milian graced the cover of Georgie magazine, The YBF quotes her stating the following.

“The only thing that I stress out about is, how am I going to make sure that I balance out my time for motherhood? How am I going to make this work? Because my daughter – that time means everything to her and to us. She’s all I got. We could work really hard but we could watch time fly, you know? Tomorrow’s not promised.”

[Picture by Ben Gabbe/Stringer/Getty Images]