WWE News: Alberto Del Rio And Paige Relationship Drama Set To Come To WWE Programming?

I think it should go without saying that we all know about the real life relationship between WWE Superstars Alberto Del Rio and Paige. It has been out in front of us for a few weeks now, but it was well known among those within WWE for months as the two were together before WrestleMania 32 even occurred. It was big news around the world when pictures came out with the two, mainly because of the large age gap. While no one can really tell others what to do dating wise, people still feel the need to bring up their age difference.

Regardless, they seem happy. This is why WWE Chairman Vince McMahon may want to exploit the entire situation. It was noted that WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte had what was described as a fling with Del Rio before the former World Champion ended up with Paige. Del Rio feels Paige is the real thing, according to those close to him, while the Charlotte relationship was nothing more than a fling.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, Charlotte and Paige have been awkward around each other backstage since Paige and Del Rio got together. Some claim there is some tension between the two, and Vince McMahon wanted to potentially use that to put them into a storyline together. The idea is that once Charlotte is done with Natalya, they might rekindle the Paige/Charlotte rivalry that ended early last year due to the two bringing up Charlotte’s deceased brother, Reid.

Paige ADR
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Some speculated that Alberto Del Rio and Paige were only together because of the Total Divas reality show that Paige is part of, but that is not the case, according to those close to the pair.

According to Daily Wrestling News, due to the two being together, WWE may be pushing for the relationship to be on WWE programming. This angle could be thrown into the Paige/Charlotte rivalry that WWE may be going with after WWE Extreme Rules. The plan very well could be to expose the drama behind the relationship, which could be a very interesting thing to see play out on television.

We all know that Vince loves putting people together onscreen when they have backstage tension because it goes over well on WWE programming more times than not. McMahon has reportedly told writers to come up with some ideas for this storyline. That does not mean we will see the entire thing make it to television, but the fact that Vince is this far with it means something interesting may come out of the situation for wrestling fans.

Charlotte Paige
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McMahon put Charlotte and Paige in the ring together a week ago to see how they would work together, and neither took liberties on the other, which means McMahon feels good about them working in a rivalry with one another. We should expect this rivalry to occur for sure. This only helps Paige as it gives her title matches for a while. Alberto Del Rio may not win coming out of this if he is written into the storyline. It looks like he is a player who used both women, mostly Charlotte, who is the heel wrestler.

It would be a good storyline to exploit on television, but the problem is that face/heel things coming from it would surely be mixed up throughout. In order to build the fan’s interest in the new Women’s World Championship, WWE does need a good female storyline heading into WWE SummerSlam. Right now, we’re months away from the second biggest event of the year. The idea is to have Sasha Banks take the Women’s Title from Charlotte there. In the meantime, WWE has to have something for the women, and Paige/Charlotte makes total sense.

The biggest question mark coming out of this is if WWE can manage to work a storyline out that will work for all involved. If it ends up hurting someone’s character, it may be a bad idea all around, and WWE may have to rethink how they go about presenting it.

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