Justin Bieber Reveals ‘Man Crushes:’ Kourtney Kardashian & Hailey Baldwin Romances Continue Amid Baby Rumors

Justin Bieber has bared his soul to his Beliebers through the years. Amid his most recent revelations are the guys who qualify for inclusion on his list of “man crushes,” pointed out Yahoo Celebrity.

Ben Affleck earns his place on the Biebs’ unofficial Celebrity Man Crush list, earning his spot because his Batman “vibe is cool.” Ryan Gosling just leaped to first place on the list, with two photos showing Gosling in the 2012 film The Place Beyond the Pines.

What a beast

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“What a beast,” praised the 22-year-old singer.

As to the reason why Ryan got singled out? The two share a Canadian connection and face tattoos in the same spot. Beyond that, there’s something about being a “beast” that apparently appeals to the Biebs.

In addition to Affleck and Gosling, Justin shared an unexpected wanna-be bromance with Bill Nye the Science Guy. Even though the actual show left the airways when Bieber was 4, Nye still earned his place on the Man Crush list, gushed the pop star on Instagram.

“If I meet bill nye the science guy my life will be complete.. What if I pulled up with Bill nye everywhere I went.. Meeting people like, ‘hey this is my homie bill’. Shoutout bill for helping us all get out of science class to watch a movie.”

But when it comes to true pals, Justin has been tweeting about Taye Diggs for years, with a 2009 reference.

Taye came up again on Twitter with more colorful comments.

And yes, Taye did respond.

As for other man crushes, Bill Murray and Drake also are on the bromance list, with Bieber embracing Drake in a photo.

But when it’s about coming-of-age crushes, James Dean at one point was proclaimed the king. In addition to rising to the top of the Guy Crush roll call, Dean was immortalized (at least in the eyes of Beliebers) when the singer struck a Dean-style pose.

This is James Dean inspired. Don't ask me if I smoke ciggys cuz I don't ♛

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Some fans speculated that he is now channeling Ryan Gosling, noted Mic.

As for how all these man-crush confessions, including the recent post on Gosling, apply to the recent rumors that he’s burned out from his tour, a source reassured People that he’s not “losing it.”

Instead, those barefoot strolls and tree-climbing excursions in the park are his method of finding “ways to focus,” added the source.

“Visiting parks and meditating calms him.”

Justin Bieber shares his man crushes.
Justin Bieber shares his man crushes. [Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]

But do the women in his life help too? Following Justin’s highly publicized split from Selena Gomez, the Biebs has been linked to both Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin, and there’s no sign of stopping with either.

Hailey and the “Sorry” singer recently reunited in New York, when she saw him perform during his Purpose World Tour, reported the Daily Mail.

Baldwin has enjoyed their on-and-off romance since 2015. However, Hailey has made it clear that she does not think they’re currently committed only to each other, leaving both Baldwin and Bieber in the “single and ready to mingle” category.

“[We] are not an exclusive couple,” summed up Hailey.

Is Kourtney Kardashian expecting a baby with Justin Bieber?
Is Kourtney Kardashian expecting a baby with Justin Bieber? [Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]

As for Kourtney, although Bieber baby rumors have swirled, sources told Gossip Cop that Kardashian is not pregnant.

However, Kourtney is continuing her cougar love affair with the Biebs, an insider revealed to Radar Online. As to why Kardashian doesn’t make her romance with the pop star public?

“Justin’s learned to keep his mouth shut, because Kourtney made it clear she needs this to be discreet for the sake of her kids as well as the complicated situation that’s going on with Scott [Disick],” explained the insider. “That suits Biebs just fine.”

The 22-year-old shows no sign of stopping his relationship with Kardashian, according to that insider, who also offered insight into how Bieber feels about Hailey Baldwin.

“He says Kourtney’s the best lover he’s ever had and he can’t stay away from her, [but he is] obviously still stringing [Hailey] along and there’s nothing long term in the cards.”

As for Scott Disick, as the Inquisitr reported, he’s been dating a series of models. And while Kourtney does not want to renew her romance, she is concerned that he might get one of his 20-year-old gal pals pregnant.

At 20, Christine Burke looks exactly like Kardashian’s sister Kendall Jenner. And it’s Christine in particular about whom Kardashian is stressed, a source told Hollywood Life.

In addition, Kourtney is concerned that if Scott does get another woman pregnant, she’ll be in the position of having to explain to her three children (Mason, 6, Reign, 1, and Penelope, 3) that their father is having a baby with someone else, added that source.

“Kourtney doesn’t want to hear that Scott will be a Dad again and is afraid that he will get Christine or someone else pregnant. She doesn’t want to explain it to Mason and the others that Daddy is having a baby with somebody else besides Mommy. It would be a nightmare.”

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