Justin Bieber Has Absolutely No Plans To ‘Surprise’ Selena Gomez At Toronto Revival Tour

Justin Bieber does not intend to “surprise” Selena Gomez and attend the upcoming Toronto, Canada, stop on his ex’s Revival Tour, despite yet another clickbait story churned out by the ever-unreliable Hollywood Life.

A source close to Bieber’s camp tells the Inquisitr there is “no truth” to the notorious blog’s claims, adding there were “never any plans” for Bieber to go to his former girlfriend’s shows in his native country. In fact, Bieber and Gomez’s respective tour schedules reveal neither singer will be in Toronto at the same time, although both are currently touring in Canada this week.

The Biebs brought his Purpose World Tour extravaganza to Toronto’s Air Canada Center on Wednesday night and will do it all over again on Thursday. Gomez’s Revival Tour touches down at the same arena on May 25, before which she will perform in Saskatoon, Ottawa, and London (Canada).

While the “Sorry” superstar could check out Selena’s tour when his Purpose Tour breaks on May 19, the Grammy winner is due to perform at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards in Los Angeles three days later. Justin is expected to return to the U.S. for sound check rehearsal (s). After the BBMAs, he will most likely take a trip somewhere to relax in the few days before his Purpose Tour resumes on June 11.

Over at the repeatedly discredited Hollywood Life, the blog reels in lovesick “Jelena” fans of Gomez and Bieber with a fan fic scenario instead. Citing an alleged insider, the blog claims, “Justin would give anything to surprise Selena in Toronto or in his hometown of London, Ontario.”

The site spins an unlikely yarn claiming Justin wants to show Selena his “love” with a big “surprise” in Toronto.

Why unlikely? In addition to this site’s Team Bieber source confirming there is “no truth” to Hollywood Life’s tired reunion claims, Gomez has made it brutally clear since kicking off her Revival Tour two weeks ago that she has moved on and has zero interest in rekindling a romance with her former teen sweetheart.

On the first night, the pop princess debuted a track called “Feel Me” with lyrics expressing hope that an ex-lover would remain forever lonely. Most media outlets and fans appear to think the song is directed at Bieber. During her second show, the Disney alum took things a stage further and melodramatically crumpled a fan’s sign which read, “Marry Justin Please.”

Anyone familiar with gossip sites tactics will know lower-quality outlets often exploit celebrities by shoving them into fabricated sensationalist stories to drive eyeballs to sites. To give readers a clue about Hollywood Life, the blog previously topped Gossip Cop’s Worst Outlet for Celebrity Journalism survey in November 2014, and continues to churn out dubious content.

Gomez previously slammed Hollywood Life as “the worst” and “never true.” Bieber has also called out the blog for publishing provably fake stories.

Just this week, the site claimed Bieber was “fuming” over widely circulated snaps of Selena and the actor Orlando Bloom, in a seemingly cozy clinch at Gomez’s Revival Tour after-party in Las Vegas two weeks ago. As it turned out, the photos are reportedly not what they seem. Bloom and Gomez are not romantically involved. Orlando’s current girlfriend, Katy Perry, and Selena subsequently took to Twitter last week in a show of solidarity against what Perry called a “dumb conspiracy.”

Following Hollywood Life’s inevitable story claiming that the Biebs was “mad” about the Las Vegas pictures, Gossip Cop reported that a source close to the 22-year-old blasted that rumor as “not true.” The insider also stated Justin doesn’t think that Selena and Orlando are hooking up.

Furthermore, Justin Bieber has no plans to “surprise” Selena Gomez at her forthcoming Revival Tour concert in Toronto. RIP Jelena.

The former couple, back in the day (Photo via Instagram)

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