Jessica Simpson Expecting Baby No. 3 After Husband Eric Johnson Was Caught Getting Too Close To The Nanny?

It’s no secret that Jessica Simpson likes to have sex with her hubby, Eric Johnson. While rumors hinted at Simpson’s third pregnancy, new reports indicate that the singer might be headed for a split with Johnson instead.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Simpson was recently spotted exiting a restaurant in Los Angeles with what looked like a baby bump. Is Simpson expecting her third baby with Johnson?

While another pregnancy has not been confirmed, the fact that Simpson was completely sober leaving the establishment might be another indication of a baby on the way. After all, Simpson is known for enjoying a drink or two (or five!) whenever she goes out.

That being said, it is possible that Simpson just had a little too much to eat. Either way, the reports follow what has been a rocky few weeks for Simpson and Johnson.

Along with the baby news, OK! Magazine is reporting that Johnson may have cheated on Simpson with their children’s nanny.

Apparently, a few photos have leaked that show Johnson getting a little too close and comfortable with the blonde nanny. At the same time, an inside source revealed that Johnson and the nanny “disappeared into the bushes for two hours” during an outing.

At the same time, other reports indicate that Simpson and Johnson have been going through marital problems for quite a while now.

According to Enstarz, the couple’s marital woes started this past holiday season. An inside source revealed that Jessica Simpson was doing all of the work and would “run herself ragged getting ready for Christmas, with no help from Eric.”

Ace Knute Johnson, Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson, and Maxwell Drew Johnson. [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Jessica Simpson Collection]

Along with her parenting responsibilities, Jessica Simpson also works hard for her own fashion line. Johnson, on the other hand, is still unemployed after retiring from the NFL back in 2008.

Instead of finding new employment, Johnson spends his days golfing and doing other leisurely activities. In fact, his unwillingness to work is at the root of the couple’s problems.

“[Simpson is tired of] juggling work and the kids while he golfs,” the source revealed.

For his part, Johnson is convinced that he is the one doing all the work because he is often left alone with the kids.

“He says he’s the one playing Mr. Mom because she’s always working out or at a business meeting,” the insider added.

Simpson and Johnson walked down the aisle back in 2014. Prior to the wedding, they had two children together, Maxwell Drew and Ace Knute.

Coupled with the cheating rumors, it appears as though Simpson’s marital issues with Johnson are putting a strain on their relationship. Although neither Simpson nor Johnson have addressed the rumors, a split is likely unless something changes in the near future.

That being said, Celeb Buzz is reporting that the divorce rumors are not accurate. While some believe that Simpson is getting ready to file a $175 million divorce settlement, there is no evidence that she and Johnson are having problems with their marriage.

According to Gossip Cop, Johnson did not cheat on Simpson with their nanny. Instead, Johnson and the nanny were on an innocent hike and did not sneak off to the bushes for some alone time.

Indeed, the original reports do not include the nanny’s name and do not provide any evidence for his alleged encounter in the bushes. In fact, an inside source told the outlet that Simpson and Johnson were “horrified” by the cheating and divorce rumors.

As far as the pregnancy goes, Simpson recently put down rumors that she is expecting another child. The actress appeared in public wearing a revealing swimsuit with no indication of a baby bump.

Tell us! Do you think there is another baby or a divorce on the way for Jessica Simpson? Let us know in the comments below.

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