Chris Brown Denies Being Kicked Off Private Jet For Smoking Pot

Chris Brown has responded to a TMZ article that alleges that he was kicked off a private jet for hotboxing in the aircraft.

The article cites a police report, which states that officers were called to the airport after Chris Brown’s pilot complained about a strong odor of marijuana.

The report states that the pilot warned Brown and his entourage not to smoke in the cabin, but they ignored him. When cops arrived they escorted all the passengers off the aircraft but made no arrests. Some of Chris Brown’s associates reacted to the incident on Snapchat stating: “We got kicked off the jet for smoking loud,” according to Hot New Hip Hop.

In an Instagram video filmed in Cannes, Chris Brown denies the report and states that his friends “don’t need drugs.” He also alludes that he is being profiled based on his appearance, age, and wealth status stating.

“Don’t worry, be happy. I can understand that me and my fellow colleagues look rather intimidating with the ‘gold chains,’ ‘watches,’ [and] ‘tattoos.’

“This pilot worked all his life only to have to take directions or requests from a person at least 20 years older than me (sic).”

Brown also alludes that the pilot attempted to buy drugs from his associates by “asking for an 8-ball,” which is a slang for an eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) of marijuana.

Chris Brown frequently responds to accusations of misconduct. Last week, it was reported that Chris Brown angered his neighbors in Tarzana, California, with reckless driving on his ATV with friends, which included doing “doughnuts,” a maneuver which involves rotating the rear of a vehicle in a circle, which creates skid-mark patterns similar to a doughnut.

Brown denied this report and accused his neighbors of racial profiling because he is “rich and black,” according to the TMZ report.

This week, a resident filmed the 27-year-old singer and his friends driving through the residential area at high speeds. The alleged footage has been turned in to the police who are investigating the incident.

Chris Brown Denies Being Kicked Off Jet
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Brown is attending the 69th Cannes Film Festival, which is being held from May 11 to May 22.

Brown recently released a trailer for a forthcoming documentary called Welcome To My Life. In the two-minute trailer stars such as Jamie Foxx, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, and Rita Ora offer commentary on the “Loyal” singer’s abilities as an entertainer.

Brown also speaks candidly about the infamous incident in 2009 when he assaulted ex-girlfriend Rihanna, and how the entire ordeal and media scrutiny made him develop suicidal thoughts.

“Like, real life rockstars,” the 27-year-old said. “It was like a fairy tale. I went from being on top of the world. Number one songs, being kind of like America’s sweetheart, to being public enemy number one.”

He also describes what sounds like depression.

“I felt like a f**king monster,” he said. “I was thinking about suicide and everything else. I wasn’t sleeping. I wasn’t eating. I was just getting high.”

The trailer ends on a high note about his ambition to continue to succeed as an entertainer.

“If there was ever a doubt in your mind that Chris Brown was done, he was finished, I wouldn’t bet on it.”

Brown’s recent album Royalty was released in December of last year and has since been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The album was dedicated to his daughter and included four singles “Liquor,” “Zero,” “Back to Sleep,” and “Fine by Me.”

Earlier this year, Chris Brown announced that he is working on a new album called Heartbreak on a Full Moon which is expected to be released this year.

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