Al Capone Police Deposition Signature Can Be Yours … For $100,000

“Everytime something happens I get arrested,” Al Capone said to police in 1925 before his infamous rise to power. Now you can own the transcription of the intense police interrogation, signed by Scarface himself, but it will definitely cost you.

The gripping interrogation was captured by a police transcription that is now up for auction. The 87-year-old document transports readers back to 1925 when Al Capone was only an enforcer in John Torrio’s criminal empire, reports NY Daily. Regardless, it shows Capone in true and familiar form — tight-lipped about his criminal proclivities — despite rigorous interrogation. Historically speaking, the interrogation takes place right after Torrio’s death and shortly before Capone’s own meteoric rise.

An Amherst, New Hampshire auction house is selling the deposition on September 30 at the Crown Hotel in Nashua. The auction will feature other Capone memorabilia such as his handwritten score for “Madonna Mia” (a love song for his wife, Mae), which is estimated to sell between $40,000 and $50,000; his Colt .25 semi-automatic hideaway pistol, which is estimated to sell between $10,000 and $15,000; and his daily rosary, which is estimated to sell between $3,000 and $5,000.

Despite this impressive collection, Bobby Livingston, vice president of sales and marketing for the auction house, considers the signed police deposition to be the most remarkable piece on the docket. It is projected to sell for $100,000.


“The interrogation shows Capone at the crossroads,” Livingston said. “Torrio was the genius who set up the system of shakedowns and bootlegging. He built the organization. Capone stepped into it and became the celebrity later. He wasn’t known at this time as much more than a henchman.”

Head on over to RRAuction to check out photos of the police deposition including an excerpt from the interrogation.

Are you an Al Capone fan? Got $100,000? If so, do you think that Capone’s signed police deposition would be a pretty darn cool thing to own? Sound off below!