Javi Marroquin Learns Of Text Messages Through ‘Teen Mom’: Kailyn Lowry Busted!

Javi Marroquin may be working overseas these days, but thanks to Teen Mom, he’s learning all about his wife’s behavior while he was gone. On Teen Mom, he has been gone for a few weeks now and he has opened up to Kailyn Lowry about how horrible it is there and how miserable he is. And during his call home, Lowry got a text message from another man. She quickly swiped the text message away, but one fan of the show caught the message and sent the screenshot to Javi, who missed the text message completely. And for Marroquin, this is the past rearing its ugly head once again.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin didn’t realize that his wife was receiving text messages from another man while he was serving his country in Qatar. Of course, Lowry is allowed to have male friends, but last year, the couple struggled with Javi’s jealousy. Kailyn was talking and texting with another guy, who was in her class at school. And Javi couldn’t understand why she needed to keep it a secret from him. So when Marroquin saw this text message on Teen Mom, he recognized the name.

“The text that popped up that kail quickly swept away while face timing you,” one person wrote to Kailyn, showing Javi that someone named Tyler Hill texted her while she was FaceTiming with her husband.

“Oh interesting. Same guy from last season…,” Javi Marroquin revealed on Twitter, sharing an interesting emoticon, adding later, “I need to stay off social media it gets me in trouble lol.”

The tweet appears to have been deleted shortly after he posted it. It sounds like Kailyn is texting with the guy who Javi Marroquin was jealous of last season. On the previous season of Teen Mom, Marroquin was so upset about Kailyn’s behavior that they actually considered getting a divorce. Lowry left to visit her friend and she was upset with the way Javi held her back. Fans were torn; some believed that Javi was too controlling while others thought that Lowry wasn’t acting like a married woman. But Marroquin is now facing the truth that his wife was texting another man while he was in Qatar. And fans are not happy about it.

“How dirty While he is deployed! That’s REAL DIRTY! & a woman who isn’t even affected that he is gone. Wow!” one person wrote, while another added, “Poor Javi. I’m so sorry for your troubles. You seem like a great dude.”

There have been many rumors about their marriage lately. Javi recently revealed that fans would soon learn the truth as they had shared their marital struggles on Teen Mom. But based on his reaction, it sounds like he had no idea that Lowry was indeed texting this Tyler Hill guy while he was gone. So this is news to him. Kailyn has played it coy and she’s only been sharing things, such as retweets about needing a big change in her life.

According to OK! Magazine, the marriage has been plagued by jealousy for quite some time. Last year, Marroquin wasn’t happy that his wife was texting another man behind her back. Of course, Lowry is in school and she was texting another male student, but Javi didn’t understand why she was being so secretive about it. If Javi is referring to the same student in his tweet above, then it makes sense that he is worried about his marriage. Only time will tell whether these two can work out their issues.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin’s reaction? Do you think they are going through some serious marital issues or do you think it’s all just a big misunderstanding?

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