Ryan Lochte Is Happy He Missed Prince Harry’s Sexy Naked Party

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and royal family libertine Prince Harry made news last weekend when they raced each other in a Las Vegas pool early in the morning in front of a bikini-clad audience. Though Lochte was happy to have met the prince, he noted his relief in a later interview that he wasn’t present for Prince Harry’s sexy naked party that same night.

US swim team gold medalist Ryan Lochte has been keeping busy (read: partying) since the London Games wrapped. Last Thursday, he ran into perhaps the most high-profile celebrity he’s met thus far: Prince Harry. The Prince Harry.

“We were at the same pool party and his people came over to my table and said Prince Harry wants to meet you,” Lochte recalled.

After chatting briefly, Prince Harry challenged Lochte to a race in the swimming pool, reports NY Daily.

“I took off my shirt and jumped in, and we started racing,” Lochte said.

Lady Luck wasn’t exactly on Prince Harry’s side that night. Not only did he lose the race to Lochte, he lost all of his clothes during a later game of strip-billiards, according to nude photos obtained by TMZ. Unluckier still, reports say that Prince Harry is in quite a lot of trouble with the Royal Court. Luckily for Lochte, he missed out on the whole affair.

“After our race, we went our separate ways,” he said, adding that he was “kinda happy” he missed out on Prince Harry’s sexy naked billiards party. Still, he said that running into the prince was “the coolest thing.”

Though luck was on his side that night, Lochte has his own nude photos to worry about. Earlier this week, it was reported that an ex-girlfriend is currently shopping a naked photo of Lochte that was taken in college. Still, if and when that photo finally sees the light of day, it might not really matter, since it reportedly doesn’t show Lochte’s face.