NYPD Disciplines 17 Officers For Posting Racial Comments On Facebook About West Indian Day Parade

New York City, NY – West Indian Day Parade racial remarks posted on Facebook prompted the NYPD to take disciplinary action against 17 police officers. The NYPD officers reportedly posted offensive or racial comments about the West Indian Day Parade online. Photos of the annual New York City event showcased some NYPD officers “dancing” along with West Indian Day Parade participants, according to the New York Daily News.

Approximately 150 comments were posted to Facebook by New York City police officers after the West Indian Day Parade. The New York Daily News reports some of the disciplined law enforcement officers referred to the West Indian Day Parade participants as “animals” and “savages.”

One individual engaging in the Facebook discussion about the New York City parade stated the event should be held one more year and then when all the West Indian Day Parade participants have gathered, a bomb should be dropped and “wipe them all out.” The New York Daily News reports the poster is believed to also have been an NYPD officer.

The Facebook page was titled, No More West Indian Day Detail. Lawyers representing a man caught along the parade route with a gun gathered all of the comments for use by the defense. The West Indian Day event is one of the largest New York City parades and has been tied to multiple shootings and other incidents of violence, according to the Huffington Post.


Legal investigators discovered 20 of the Facebook users posting racial or offensive comments about the West Indian Day Parade matched the names of NYPD officers. New York City Police Department representative Paul Browne told the Daily News that four police officers still face misconduct departmental trials. Some NYPD officers were issued “command disciplines” while others received lower levels of punishment, such as “letters of instruction” for the West Indian Day Parade racial slurs posted on Facebook.