‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fake? Noah Brown’s Recent Date Is An Actress

Alaskan Bush People has been accused of faking things before, and now it turns out that Noah Brown allegedly had a fake date on last week’s episode. On last Friday’s Alaskan Bush People, Noah went on a date with a gorgeous woman. Radar Online has been able to figure out that this woman happens to be an actress and may have not just been someone interested in dating Noah Brown.

Noah went on a date with a woman named Karryna, and he said that he met her while he was in the lower 48 states at the beach. The date on Alaskan Bush People looked like a great date. Noah shared that while they were down south, he invited Karryna up to see them. He stayed behind when the family went off so he could go on a date with her. On Alaskan Bush People, Noah talked about the fact that his longest relationship was three months. You can check out the girl he dated for three months in the video below.

On this date, Noah was making homemade bullets so he could take Karryna out to shoot a black powder pistol. She showed up on a boat to go on her date with Noah. It was shared that they met while they were in the lower 48 states for Billy being sick. Noah said that she was visiting a friend in Alaska when he invited her to come meet him as well. He even took her back to play some music for her inspired by a breakup that he went through.

Noah of Alaskan Bush People shared that he is searching for his soulmate now and has to put himself out there. He is hoping to find that perfect someone. It would be pretty surprising if Karryna is the girl he ends up with in the end.

It turns out that Noah’s date from Alaskan Bush People last week happens to be an actress from San Diego. It has not been confirmed that she was cast on the show, but she has been in three different movies. It would be pretty surprising if Noah Brown of Alaskan Bush People was able to pick up an actress and model on the beach and get her to come to Alaska just for a date.

The Brown family has been accused of faking things before. It would not be shocking if this was faked for the show, but you never know how it went down. Reality shows are known for sometimes making things up for drama or ratings. Regardless, everyone is talking about this date that Noah Brown had on the show.

Starcasm shared that Alaskan Bush People has been considered fake by some people because of their legal troubles. The show says that the Brown family lives in the Alaskan bush and don’t see people for up to six to nine months at a time. They are actually in legal trouble for allegedly not living in Alaska all of the time, but they are still getting money for being residents of Alaska.

Do you think that Noah Brown’s date was hired by Alaskan Bush People for the show? Do you think that this was really his date? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Alaskan Bush People on Friday nights on Discovery.

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