‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer Slammed Again For Bad Parenting, As Her Custody Battle With Corey Simms Continues

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has come under fire once again for her bad parenting antics.

According to Radar Online, Messer was recently caught feeding icing to her 3-year-old daughter, whose father is Messer’s second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. The incident happened during the latest episode of Teen Mom 2 after Messer’s daughter, Adalynn, requested a side of chocolate frosting.

“Is it bad that I’m going to let Addie eat icing?” Messer told her mother. “Just have her sit at the table.”

After sitting at the table, Adalynn proceeded to eat the icing in large clumps. With Messer just getting shared custody of her older twin daughters, fans were quick to point out her mistake.

“Sad how you watch Leah give that baby icing to get her outta her way,” one fan commented, while another stated, “Did Leah give her baby frosting so she could sit down and talk about herself?”

Of course, the high sugar content of the icing caused other fans to question Messer’s decision. After all, diabetes is a real danger.

Leah Messer twins

To make matters worse, the incident follows another controversial parenting move. Just last week, Messer was seen giving Adalynn packets of Sweet’N Low to eat.

“She was sneaking it while I was filming and MTV caught her,” Messer tried to explain.

While some fans may have given Messer a break on the sugar packet incident, her latest controversy indicates that Messer might need a few lessons on proper nutrition for children.

Meanwhile, Starcasm is reporting that things are only going to worse for Messer. In the next episode of Teen Mom 2, Messer and her ex Corey Simms try their best at co-parenting. However, an unfortunate video threatens to shatter their deal.

The nature of the video is unknown, but there are plenty of possibilities. Considering Messer’s latest scandals, it is likely that the video features her bad parenting skills, which also includes Messer texting while driving her children.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Messer has a whole laundry list of controversial actions that could keep her away from her kids.

Along with texting while driving and feeding sugar to Adalynn, Messer once took prescription painkillers while taking care of her baby. She’s also sent her children to school without feeding them breakfast, only to yell at them later for complaining about hunger.

Meanwhile, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Leah Messer has addressed some of the backlash she has received over her bad parenting.

Just last month, Messer’s daughter, Ali, 6, fell while playing at a local playground. No parent was watching her during the fall, which naturally led fans to accuse Messer of neglect. In fact, many fans took to social media to berate Messer for not keeping a closer eye on her kids. However, Messer was quick to fire back against the allegations.

“Wow..there was definitely someone there! #A**Holes,” Messer wrote on Twitter.

While fans refused to relent in their online bashing, Messer went on to share how she plans on ignoring the criticism and focus on her own life.

“You know you’re well grounded and healthier than ever when you can stay focused and keep moving forward,” she posted on Twitter.

In the midst of her parenting issues, Messer’s ex Corey is still trying to get full custody of their children. Despite agreeing to shared custody, it now appears as though their agreement was short-lived.

Corey Simms and Leah Messer [Image via MTV]

“Today I get his objection that West Virginia law does not recognize joint custodian,” Messer shared in a promo video. “I know plenty of parents that’s done joint custody… I mean, if you’re both good parents, then there should be nothing wrong.”

The next episode of Teen Mom 2 is set to air Monday night on MTV.

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