‘American Horror Story’ Season 6: Star Calls Upcoming Season ‘More Claustrophobic’

American Horror Story doesn’t premiere its sixth season for months, but we’re slowly but surely getting some details and debunking a few rumors. The newest tidbit about the upcoming season comes from cast member Finn Wittrock.

The actor divulged that the upcoming season of American Horror Story will be “claustrophobic.” The actor said that the next season will be “a little tighter.”

When asked if he was going to be in Season 6, the fan favorite told the Wrap, “There’s a little film stuff happening so it might be tough schedule wise, but yeah, I definitely want to do it. I have heard it is going to be a little tighter — there were so many story lines in the last one and it was so big and epic, I have a feeling it might be a little more claustrophobic. A smaller cast.”

So does that mean the cast will be cut? We don’t know just yet, but we do know there’s a certain rumor out there that places Bradley Cooper in the upcoming season. Now, this wouldn’t be a huge surprise because Ryan Muphy has pulled in high-profile names for big arcs (think Jessica Lange and Lady Gaga, and even Neil Patrick Harris.) Is Bradley Cooper next to join the AHS family?

It’s not likely. These rumors were started when Cooper was photographed with Lady Gaga. A source close to Us Weekly said that they were talking about doing a project together, and American Horror Story fans speculated he could be joining the show, but it’s more likely that Cooper was talking to Gaga about his directorial debut for the remake of A Star is Born. Beyonce was originally rumored to have the lead in the film, but according to sources, she turned down the part once director Clint Eastwood departed the project. It’s more than likely that Gaga is now stepping in, or at least having discussions about stepping in.

As for American Horror Story, the last we’ve heard is that there will be some killer children in the next chapter. During Paley Fest, Murphy revealed in his own vague way that he’s working on two themes for the season, and as stated, one of them will revolve around these killer children.

“Both things that we’re writing right now — we haven’t declared a winner — will have a different form, so we’re excited about that. We’ll talk about it soon, but we haven’t landed on it yet. If you look at horror tropes, the innocence of children, that sort of wide-eyed entryway into some world is always dramatic and satisfying.”

It’s suspected that this season will take place in an orphanage, but that was neither confirmed nor denied. We do know that the upcoming season will be set in present day and that there will be “echoes” of the past within the season.

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As far as casting goes, no one has been confirmed, but it’s expected that Lady Gaga will return. Not only was she invited back by Ryan Muphy immediately, but it wouldn’t be a shock to see her come back given that she won a Golden Globe for her portrayal on American Horror Story: Hotel. As of right now, we know that Emma Roberts wants to come back, but her shooting schedule for Scream Queens might prevent her from doing so as it did last season. Denis O’Hare also is interested in returning as well.

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