Cary Deuber On Her Marriage To Mark: ‘It Is Very Easy To Grow Apart’

Cary Deuber has managed to stay out of the drama on The Real Housewives of Dallas and she’s decided to focus on her marriage on the show. Cary has already been under fire for her comments about her husband’s weight, as her husband was previously obese. He managed to lose the weight, and she made a comment that she wouldn’t be hooking up with him if he was still overweight. Her comment was taken out of context, but these days Deuber is showing fans that she is indeed healthy and happy in her marriage.

According to a new Bravo report, Cary Deuber is now revealing that marriage takes work — even for her and Mark. While Brandi Redmond is currently the one who is experiencing marital troubles, Deuber reveals that her marriage is hard work and she sometimes has days where she wants to throw in the towel. Cary is happy with Mark, but she acknowledges that it is very easy to grow apart.

“When I say that you have to ‘mold’ your husband, I really mean you have to mold the both of you together. I think in today’s world it is hard for couples to grow together. It is very easy to grow apart. We work on our relationship everyday and it is ‘work.’ There are always days that you want to throw in the towel but you have to power through and learn. Every day in a relationship is a learning opportunity about the other person and about yourself. Take advantage of that…It will make you a better person and both of you a stronger couple!” Cary Deuber reveals in her blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas.

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Fans of The Real Housewives of Dallas saw this week how Mark likes to call the shots and how he likes to decide everything in their marriage. The two were preparing for a photoshoot for Mark’s new business website and he wanted some new images to help sell his services. But during this process, he kept telling Cary Deuber what clothes to wear, how to pose and went against her wishes about what pictures to use. But as Cary explains, marriage is about compromise.

“It makes me so proud but at the same time it can be a little hard to be married to someone who is right all the time! It can make me crazy! I am so lucky though because if I need advice he is usually there with me and is right!! If Mark didn’t shop for me I would have a bunch of random clothes from Target mixed with YSL’s and gorgeous handbags,” Cary Deuber reveals in her blog, sharing that she is thankful for all of the things he does for her.

Of course, Cary Deuber has managed to stay out of the drama on The Real Housewives of Dallas. While she’s taking some time to herself with her husband, LeeAnne Locken is fighting back against accusations that she constantly wants attention and that she’s a bad friend. Locken completely flipped out on Marie Reyes, who was sending Tiffany Hendra text messages about their friendships, making LeeAnne look bad.

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And while this is happening, Cary Deuber has managed to stay out of it. Cary has already revealed that she has no interest in being friends with LeeAnne, but the two will come face-to-face on next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. It sounds like she can’t escape Locken in Dallas and it will be interesting to see what happens on the reunion special, which will be coming up in a few weeks.

What do you think of Cary Deuber’s comments about her marriage? What do you think about her marriage to Mark?

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