Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Get Matching French Bicep Tattoos For 10th Wedding Anniversary

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have permanent reminders of their love for one another—and it’s not just the four kids they have together. Spelling and McDermott capped off their recent Paris vacation by getting matching tattoos on the inner biceps of their left arms, according to People. The celeb couple stopped by Tin Tin Tatouges tattoo parlor to get matching ink to commemorate their 10th wedding anniversary.

Tori and Dean’s matching tats spell out the French phrase “Tout mon coeur, Tout ma vie,” which translates to, “My whole heart, my whole life.”

The Paris tattoos are just the latest romantic episode that played out while the famous family vacationed in Europe. While in Paris, McDermott pulled out an antique ring and proposed to Spelling for the third time as the family visited Café de L’Homme overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Tori and Dean’s four children, Liam, 9, Stella, 7, Hattie, 4, and Finn, 3, were all present for the proposal.

Tori told E! News that Dean planned the proposal with the owners of the café and even had a photographer on hand to capture the moment.

“Dean planned it with the owners of Cafe de L’homme,” Tori said. “[He] told me we were going to get coffee and hot chocolates for the kids, and then surprised me when he got down on one knee and presented me with an antique engagement ring. The four kids and I were so surprised and so happy. It’s been a rough few years and this was a perfect family moment for unity and love!”

While the date for Tori and Dean’s vow renewal hasn’t been set, their matching ink has been permanently set on their arms. And it’s not the first time a tattoo has touted Tori and Dean’s love. On her reality show, True Tori, Spelling previously dished that Dean has a tattoo of her name above his penis. Tori dropped the TMI bombshell while chatting with friends on camera after McDermott reportedly cheated on her with a woman in Canada. After Spelling’s friend suggested that she make her husband sign a legal document about the consequences of cheating again, Tori said she already had a safety net — her name tattooed right above his private parts — and the intimate ink still didn’t stop him from fooling around while shooting on location in Canada.

“It says ‘Tori’s,'” Spelling said of the tattoo. “And months later he cheated on me.”

In the years since Dean’s highly-publicized affair, Tori Spelling has worked hard to get her marriage back on track. Spelling recently told the Today Show that things are going great in her marriage after she and Dean “deconstructed” their relationship.

“We had to start at ground zero and build it back up,” Tori said. “It is stronger than ever.”

Celebrating ten years, one decade, an era, and new beginnings with my #truelove @imdeanmcdermott #LoveWins

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Based on their romantic Paris vacation and all of the PDA pics Tori has posted on social media, it does seem like the couple is stronger than ever. Tori Spelling recently posted about her 10th wedding anniversary on her official blog, gushing that she is more in love with Dean than ever.

“Last weekend Dean and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!” Tori wrote. “I truly can’t believe it’s been 10 years… and the best part is I am still as in love with him as the day we got married. I am so lucky to have Dean by my side through good times and bad. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime.”

Take a look at the video below for more on Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s matching tattoos.

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