NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Clippers Possibly Trading Blake Griffin To Boston Celtics

NBA rumors have been swirling around Blake Griffin. The 27-year-old power forward has been a dominant force since entering the National Basketball Association. The Los Angeles Clippers have been knocked out early in the playoffs for five straight years. Team president Doc Rivers might be looking to make some big changes this offseason. One of the big three could be traded. Griffin is the one who would be able to bring back the most of the three. Several teams will be interested in trading for him. According to Basketball Insiders, one of the teams that could be trading for Griffin is the Boston Celtics.

Blake Griffin was selected with the first overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. The Clippers selected Griffin in hopes of him being the next franchise player. He has done just that for the team. Griffin has been the Los Angeles Clippers’ leading scorer since he joined the National Basketball Association. He has been selected to the All Star game five times in his six-year career. Griffin was named the Rookie of the Year in 2011 and has been selected to the All NBA second team three times.

Danny Ainge [Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images]

Blake Griffin has proven to be a superstar in the National Basketball Association. He has the ability to be a triple-double threat. Griffin isn’t relying on just his athleticism anymore. He has adapted his game throughout his career. The former Oklahoma Sooners star has shown that he can be a playmaker for his team. Two years ago, Griffin averaged a career high in assists with 5.3 per game. He has played a big part in the team’s success since he came into the league.

Why would the a team trade someone like Blake Griffin? The Los Angeles Clippers won a total of 53 games this season. The team won a majority of their games without Griffin in the lineup. He missed a total of 45 games due to injury and suspension. The Clippers have shown that they can win without him. They would be able to get a lot of value back if they decided to trade away Griffin this summer.

Isaiah Thomas [Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images]

The Boston Celtics are in need of a superstar caliber player to help them get closer to winning an NBA Championship. Team president Danny Ainge will have plenty of draft picks and assets to trade for a superstar. Boston has the third pick in this year’s NBA Draft. That alone should garner interest from most teams in the National Basketball Association.

Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge has stated earlier this season that he believed that his team has been lacking offensive consistency. During the NBA Playoffs, the Celtics looked like they were struggling to find some offense against the Atlanta Hawks. Boston was unable to score more than 100 points per game. Their main go-to scorer was Isaiah Thomas. He was the team’s leading scorer with 22.2 points per game.

Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul
Chris Paul [Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images]

Another team that could be interested in Blake Griffin is the Los Angeles Lakers. They are rumored to be interested in acquiring a superstar player this summer. The Lakers have the second pick in the draft, which means that they get to keep it. The second overall selection and Julius Randle could be an intriguing offer for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Danny Ainge plans on making a big splash this summer. Acquiring a talent like Blake Griffin would definitely be a splash. Ainge will have plenty of assets at his disposal to get the attention of the Los Angeles Clippers. Ainge also has ties to Clippers head coach Doc Rivers. They could potentially work out a deal that would be a win for both teams.

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