Forget Kendall Jenner And Taylor Swift, Harry Styles’ Heart Belongs To One Woman

You might not think Harry Styles is a one-woman man, given the number of females the One Direction star has dated over the years, including supermodel Kendall Jenner and Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

However, you would be wrong — Harry has demonstrated again and again that his heart belongs to one woman, his mom Anne.

Harry’s has made his deep love for his mom so clear that when Harry began to grow out his hair, people speculated that he was doing it so he could look more like Anne.

Besotted fans did not have a problem with this at all — one person called it “bl***y gorgeous.” There were also people who laughed about the time Harry wrapped his hair up in a towel and his pal Nick Grimshaw quipped “It’s like Anne’s here!”

Not only was Harry rumored to have grown his hair long to look more like the beloved Anne Twist — some people speculated that he also cut it for her in the end.

We’re not saying that Styles’ role in Dunkirk and his support for the Little Princess Trust did not have an impact. However, many Harry Styles lovers agree that Harry’s mom’s approval would definitely have been sought before he went for the chop.

Last year, when Harry was rumored to have gone for a trim, fans speculated that Anne “probably made Harry cut his hair.”

When the haircut finally arrived in 2016, Hollywood Life even reported that Harry’s mom teased him about his “cheesy” long hair!

Did the super-cute mummy’s boy hit the scissors after his mom teased him?

The Mirror reported on what a mummy’s boy Harry is back in 2012. The mag quoted Anne Twist, who went into depth as only a loving mom can, talking about Harry’s hugs, his room, his love life, and even demonstrating that she knows what the word “fit” means in the 2010s.

“It’s over with Caroline and Harry hasn’t got a girlfriend at the moment, there isn’t anybody on the scene for him right now. He’ll make a very nice boyfriend when he’s ready. He’s very romantic but doesn’t want to tie himself down at the moment. Harry is obviously very handsome or ‘fit’ as the girls would say. Whoever Harry falls in love with in the future will be a really lucky girl.”

Anne also confided that she cannot wait for Harry to make her a grandmother, and said that she’s pleased he is still a “mummy’s boy.” The gushing Cheshire native also reported that Harry gives the “best hugs ever,” and she loves cuddling and kissing him!

“I love hugging and kissing him, he gives the best hugs ever, they are all enveloping, he’s quite tall now and that makes them better.”

Cute Harry has said that giving a speech at his mom’s wedding was “the most nerve-racking thing” he’s done, according to Daily Mail.

The 19-year-old, who was best man at the ceremony, has revealed that he suffered from stage fright before standing up in front of just 100 people at the small restaurant in the quaint town of Congleton, Cheshire back in June.

Hollywood Life reported that Styles was “furious” when Anne’s iCloud was hacked by a One Direction fan this year. The mag reported that Harry has always been “very protective” of his mum Anne.

[Harry has] always been very protective of his mom and the fact that Anne has became the target of hackers does upset him. He’s the famous one, so he expects to be fair game, but she’s not in the public eye and that makes him angry that someone would mess with her.

Is Harry Styles super-cute and a big mummy’s boy?

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