‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Sasha Concocts A Scheme As Zende And Nicole Reunite After The Baby’s Birth

Wednesday brings on a juicy episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers detail that there is more from Nicole and Zende as they share emotional moments after the birth of Rick and Maya’s baby. However, Sasha is coming up with a new way to hold onto her man and this will be shaking things up significantly. What can viewers expect from the May 18 show?

As everybody saw on Tuesday, Nicole gave birth to a baby girl and Zende told her that he had been in the room watching the delivery. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that during Wednesday’s show, Zende will apologize for not supporting her throughout the pregnancy. These two had been inching closer to one another again in the days before the delivery, and now they will decide to give their relationship another go.

She will surely be touched and thrilled to hear what Zende has to say, but there is still Sasha to deal with before things can be entirely joyful. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that as he is talking with Nicole, Sasha will be back at the Forrester mansion making herself quite comfortable. She clearly is starting to picture a very comfortable life with Zende by her side and soon she concocts a plan to try to ensure she gets what she wants.

Sasha and Caroline had a chat about Nicole and the baby, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers via Soap Central reveal that this conversation will spark a new plan for Sasha. As the week plays out, everybody will see Sasha tell Zende that she has important news to share with him.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that she will tell him that she is pregnant, and this will leave Zende quite shaken. When Sasha tells him that she is pregnant, it seems that Zende will feel torn between the two women and soon Nicole will once again be left alone and heartbroken.

How long will Sasha be able to get away with this pregnancy scheme? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that Nicole will still be happy with Zende and her dreams of a future with him heading into Friday’s show, but he will be in a difficult position that leads to him breaking her heart for a second time very soon.

Sasha perhaps hasn’t thought out this plan all that well and there will be some intense words flying when and if Nicole learns that she fabricated this pregnancy. Nicole stood by her best friend when she learned that they were sisters, but this betrayal may drive a wedge between the two for good.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that there will be some more of Eric and Brooke on the way during Wednesday’s show as well. It seems that she will be talking about how Rick and Maya wanted to raise their child in the Forrester mansion. As fans know, however, that isn’t where they are living now after the spat with Ridge over the portraits of Stephanie and Maya. Is Brooke angling in this conversation to try to get Eric to side with Rick again over Ridge? If so, will it work?

Can Nicole and Zende find a way to stay together in the wake of this supposed baby news from Sasha? Actress Reign Edwards, who plays Nicole, teased some Bold and Beautiful spoilers via TV Insider indicating that her character will be positively devastated when she learns of this supposed pregnancy. Nicole will be left feeling quite alone as Zende focuses on Sasha and the baby and Rick and Maya focus on their own new bundle of joy.

How far will Sasha go with this pregnancy story to hold onto Zende? How will Nicole cope with this shocker? Things are certainly getting juicy with this storyline and viewers will be curious to see where things head next on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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