Pregnant Minnesota Woman Stabbed By Husband, Dies Along With Unborn Son

Leigh Egan

A pregnant Minnesota woman was allegedly stabbed to death by her husband on Saturday. He'll now more than likely face two counts of first-degree murder after his unborn son died because of the attack.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Yevgeniy "Eugene" Savenok, 30, allegedly stabbed his wife, Lyuba Savenok, 23, on Saturday morning in their Eden Prairie home. According to court documents from the Hennepin County Attorney's office, Lyuba was "noticeably pregnant" when to attack occurred. Physicians performed an emergency caesarean section after Lyuba passed away, but the baby boy only survived a few minutes.

The sister immediately ran outside and called 911, but Eugene Savenok drove away before police arrived. When the Eden Prairie Police Department showed up, they noted Lyuba Savenok's sister screaming frantically in the front yard. Authorities found Lyuba inside the home, lying on the kitchen floor, bleeding profusely from the stab wounds.

At around 1 p.m., Eugene Savenok arrived with his children at the United Hospital in St. Paul and turned himself in. He was immediately arrested after he told a hospital security guard that he just stabbed his wife. Freeman said the following.

"He stabs her so many times. He stabs her in the chest and the stomach, knowing she was carrying his baby. It passes all understanding how one person can do that to another, especially his own progeny."


Neighbors indicated that the couple would mostly keep to themselves, although family members would often visit the home. One neighbor, Johnnie Nguyen, who saw Lyuba Savenok's sister in the yard after the stabbing remembered how cold it was, yet the teenager was outside with no shoes on, screaming for help.

"I saw a teen run out of her house with no shoes on, and it's cold. She just say 'My brother in law is trying to kill me,' and she said 'Help my sister, she's pregnant.' When she's standing here with me, he's just walking right out, very normal. He backing out very slowly, not in a rush."
"We are thankful to have had so many people reach out and ask how they can help. We wish to honor Lyuba and her son and bury them in a beautiful place where they may be visited by friends and family. Lyuba's greatest passion in life was to enrich her children's lives."

[Photo by Hennepin County Jail]