Megyn Kelly’s Full Donald Trump Interview From May 17 [Video]

Donald Trump sat down with Megyn Kelly, as seen in the below video, to discuss their previous feud. Trump talked about being angry with Megyn during his first debate, even though Kelly said she merely quoted the things Trump had said about others, such as calling a female a “fat pig.” Trump said he became angry and lashed out because he’d told himself if he could get through the debate he’d be fine; however, Trump said Kelly’s questions didn’t feel like questions. Trump said they felt like Megyn was making a statement, and he’d told himself if the whole debate would follow in that manner, he knew it would be a difficult debate indeed.

The above video is already up to nearly 500 views on YouTube, lasting more than 15 minutes long.

Google’s hot trends list reports more than 100,000 searches coming in on Tuesday, May 17, for the Megyn Kelly interview with Donald Trump. With theirs being a heated back-and-forth exchange in the wake of the first controversial debate, there is apparently great interest in how the duo would get along in a more intimate face-to-face interview setting.

At the beginning of the interview, Megyn tried to get to the heart of Trump, asking him if anyone had ever wounded Trump — as if Kelly was trying to ascertain if a deep wound was the reason Trump lashed out at so many folks. Trump explained he was a counter-puncher, as reported by Fox News.

Trump said that if someone attacked him, he was the type of guy who would strike back. Trump also began to speak of his late brother and troubles with alcoholism, and reiterated that his brother was the reason Trump himself never took a drink. When Trump remembered the positive things about his brother and called him a handsome man, Megyn attempted to dig deeper, to discover if anyone else had wounded Trump — as if that would explain Trump’s temperament and rationale for lashing out with name-calling. Trump admitted that he would have to think longer and harder about Megyn’s question and get back to Kelly about any deep emotional wounds Trump has received in his life.

Beyond that, Megyn probed into Trump’s favorite movies and books to paint a fuller portrait of Trump. As for his favorite movie, Trump said that the 1941 classic Citizen Kane was his favorite. Ironically, the description of the movie reveals the lead character is a successful publishing industry leader — often thought to be based on William Randolph Hearst — whose mysterious dying word pointed to a tender childhood toy.

“When a reporter is assigned to decipher newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane’s (Orson Welles) dying words, his investigation gradually reveals the fascinating portrait of a complex man who rose from obscurity to staggering heights. Though Kane’s friend and colleague Jedediah Leland (Joseph Cotten), and his mistress, Susan Alexander (Dorothy Comingore), shed fragments of light on Kane’s life, the reporter fears he may never penetrate the mystery of the elusive man’s final word, ‘Rosebud.'”

Trump spoke to Megyn about not having enough time to read full books, but Trump said he had time to read “passages” and “chapters” and snippets of things. Trump said he wished he had time for a baseball game, but claimed that campaigning took up lots of time. Kelly asked Trump if his whole presidential run would be a waste if Trump didn’t win. Trump admitted that the whole attempt at becoming president would be a big waste of time and money if he doesn’t get his chance to “make America great again.”

Megyn admitted that she envisioned Trump wearing crushed velvet fabrics and lounging on a chaise lounger when Trump tweeted mean things about Kelly during their fight. Trump said his attire wasn’t all that fancy. Kelly’s first Fox network special, which aired on May 17, got plenty of attention with Trump as a guest.

[Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP]