‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Deimos Considers An Enticing Proposal, Hope’s Struggles Over Aiden Continue, And Victor’s Determination Intensifies

What is coming up on Wednesday’s episode of Days of Our Lives? Spoilers share that there is more action related to Hope and Aiden on the way as she tries to come to turns with his shocking return. Nicole and Victor are working to take down Deimos, but Kate has plans of her own as well. Where are things headed during the May 18 show?

As everybody saw on Tuesday’s show, Hope visited Bo’s gravesite, and Aiden watched quietly from afar. He is trying to get her to open herself up to reuniting with him, but she most definitely is not there yet. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that during Wednesday’s show, she will be thinking through more memories of her past with Aiden, and it sounds as if these leave her a bit shaken.

As We Love Soaps shares, Hope will reflect on both sweet and unsettling memories of her time with Aiden before the supposed murder. Will she start to see some of the signs she missed at the time pointing toward his lies and dishonesty? He may well have fallen in love with her, but he also was planning to murder her, and she did just bring up the insurance policy with his name on it. He may have been able to brush that off for now, but Hope may start piecing things together soon.

Aiden needs a new place to call home, and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Julie will agree to rent him a room. It sounds as if she will be hesitant and resistant to the idea, but he manages to convince her to allow him a spot at the Martin house. He is certainly doing his best to wiggle back into Hope’s life from every possible angle, but will his efforts work?

Victor and Nicole have put together a plan to take down Deimos, and she has already started working the angles. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Justin will go to Victor during this next episode, trying to convince him to put an end to his plans and the vendetta Victor has out for his younger brother.

However, it doesn’t sound as if Victor will be persuaded. In fact, according to Soap Central, Victor and Nicole will be getting even more aggressive and dirty in their efforts to destroy Deimos. As those two move forward with their plans, Kate kicks off a new one of her own. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that as a way to try to guarantee she will remain connected to Deimos, she suggests that they run off to Las Vegas to elope.

Will Deimos agree to marry Kate? Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that he will seemingly agree to consider the idea. However, he wants Kate to sign a prenuptial agreement, and this will surely leave her feeling a bit discouraged. Deimos has people angling from all sides, but he isn’t exactly an innocent, naive pushover himself. Who will come out on top as this drama plays out?

Wednesday’s show brings some time with Rafe and Eduardo as well, and there is quite a bit of action with the Hernandez family as the week continues. Rafe is worried about losing Hope now that Aiden is back, and Eduardo is facing issues related to his past. Can the family resolve the issues lingering around them and move forward as a strong family unit?

Where will things head with Hope, Rafe, and Aiden as this return plays out? Will Victor and Nicole come out on top in battling Deimos? How will Kate’s antics factor impact what comes next? Fans are anxious to see what comes next as the action continues on Days of Our Lives.

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