June 29, 2017
Demi Lovato Hurls Subliminal Insults At Taylor Swift -- Is Their Feud About Feminism?

Demi Lovato won't be joining Taylor Swift's girl squad anytime soon. US Weekly reports that Demi Lovato is refusing to back down from her feud with Taylor. Apparently, Demi has a problem with Swift's brand of feminism.

"There are women that I don't get along with, and that's fine. My thing is, don't brand yourself a feminist if you don't do the work. I have an immense amount of respect for women like Lena Dunham … or Beyoncé, who make amazing political statements through their work," the singer said in an interview with Refinery29 when asked about Swift.
"I'm not going to stop saying what I believe in. I have no problem standing up for myself."
The current beef between Lovato and Swift started after a judge decided that Kesha would not be released from her contract with Sony Music. Kesha claimed that while she was signed to Sony Music, her producer, Dr. Luke, raped and emotionally abused her.

Demi Lovato and a long list of female musicians voiced their support for Kesha via social media. However, Lovato thought that one voice was notably silent: Taylor Swift's. So, Demi lobbed what many thought was a sub-tweet towards Taylor.

"I'm also ready for self-proclaimed feminists to start speaking out or taking action for women's rights," Lovato tweeted.

As US Weekly notes, Taylor Swift did not get into a Twitter battle with Demi Lovato. Instead, she donated $250,000 to Kesha to help cover her legal fees. According to US Weekly, the news of Taylor's donation came directly from Kesha's mother, Pebe Sebert.

But that still didn't change Demi's mind about Taylor.

"Take something to Capitol Hill or actually speak out about something and then I'll be impressed," she wrote in a follow-up tweet that also seemed directed at Taylor Swift.

Lovato reiterated her point in her interview with Refinery29.

"I have no problem standing up for myself. Maybe I got it from growing up in Texas, but I never took s--t from anybody. Now I know how to do it without pushing people away," Lovato added. "You just don't approach things with a F--k You mentality. Instead it's: This is the way I'm perceiving things. There's nothing wrong with my beliefs or feelings. So let's agree to disagree, or let's just disagree."

Demi Lovato didn't just talk about her feud with Taylor Swift in her Refinery29 interview. She also chatted about how much of a challenge it is to maintain her sobriety.

"I had to learn the hard way that I can't do parties anymore. Some people can go out and not be triggered, but that's not the case for me."
As The Daily Mail notes, the former Disney Channel star has always been open about her history with drug addiction and mental illness. In the past, she has confessed to being only a teen when she started experimenting with drugs and alcohol. At the height of her addiction, she couldn't go one hour without snorting cocaine, Demi admitted.
"Prior to getting sober, I was one of those people who was like, I don't give a f***, whatever. And I used that as an excuse to do whatever I wanted. I was a nightmare to work with."
After a couple of relapses, Demi says she's sober and wants to make sure she stays that way by avoiding triggers. She fears that even watching a documentary about Amy Winehouse's drug addiction could bring on a relapse.

"I know [my life] sounds so boring. But I've come to a place where I'd rather be relaxed than get all dressed up and go to some party or club with people who don't really care about my well-being at all," she said.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/MTV1415/ Getty Images for MTV]