Cop Allegedly Forced Woman To Watch Newborn Son During Rape — And She’s Suing

After Syracuse cop Chester Thompson allegedly forced worried mother Maleatra Montanez — who called police to report her daughter missing — to perform oral sex, she thought about choking the man to death.

Convinced she wasn’t strong enough, she chose not to, and the white cop proceeded to rape her while she was forced to look at her newborn son.

The alleged rape took place on Valentine’s Day 2015 and now, Montanez — who is black — has sued Thompson and a handful of higher-ups in the Syracuse police department for not pursuing a harsher punishment against the cop, Syracuse reported.

Meanwhile, the woman is still angry with herself for not fighting back, she told The New York Daily News.

“Why didn’t I stab him? Why I didn’t scream out my front door. Why I didn’t do nothing.”

Maleatra reported the incident the day after it allegedly happened. She argues that the cop’s sexual advances — while armed and in uniform — were an implied threat.

In December last year, the cop pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of official misconduct for having sex with Maleatra and another woman in three separate meetings, all while on duty; the charge accused him of deriving a benefit from his status as a cop. He lost his job and was sentenced to three years probation.

But the case went no further, and for that reason, the mother of four has sued. Prosecutor Jeremy Cali believes her story, but pointed out a kink in New York State law that prevented the cop from facing more serious charges. A police officer can’t be charged with rape if the alleged victim doesn’t protest, isn’t in police custody, and hasn’t been threatened or physically restrained.

Montanez has sued for $7 million, naming the city of Syracuse, police Chief Frank Fowler and former internal affairs Capt. Thomas Galvin. She claims officer Thompson had a history of sexual misconduct they were well aware of but did nothing about it.

On Feb. 14, 2015, the woman called the police to report her teenage daughter missing after a family dispute. Thompson responded to the call, and Maleatra said he was fidgeting when she opened the door.

“I thought he was afraid…[there] might be a black man or somebody. He couldn’t stand still. He just kept moving, biting on the bottom of his lip.”

The woman claims that the cop immediately began complimenting her looks and soon, his advances became more “inappropriate” and “sexually laden.” He complimented her butt and said her “lips looked like it can hold…a penis.”

The woman claimed that the cop began to rub his privates and told her to hang up the phone — she was talking with her sister at the time — and told her to perform oral sex on him. She kept her eye on his gun during the entire incident.

“All I know is I said, ‘Whoa! I noticed on his penis…he had a mark on his testicle and he had a mark on his penis…like a mole or a sore or something.”

The alleged incident was interrupted when a neighbor arrived, and when Maleatra returned, he ordered her to frisk him, and put her hand on his privates.

“And he asked me do I love my son. So I had an idea of maybe what was getting ready to happen.”

What allegedly happened was Thompson demanded that she turned around to watch her newborn son while he raped her from behind.

“I believe a rape took place in this case,” said the woman’s civil lawyer, Ed Sivin, but the cop insists that the encounter was consensual.

“We’ve had information from several sources that this is not the first time that Chester Thompson has engaged in this type of malfeasance. And it appears that this may have been going on for a period of years. And that people high up in the Syracuse Police Department knew about it and didn’t take prompt remedial measures against him.”

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