The Notorious Conor McGregor Enters The Boxing Ring!

Conor McGregor is finding himself in the news quite often this year. Luckily for him, the attention being garnered currently is much more welcomed than the coverage of his loss to Diaz earlier this year. But, pushing Nate Diaz to the side, we have Floyd Mayweather stepping into the limelight next to Conor McGregor, as talk of the two having a match with each other begins to erupt all over the internet.

McGregor isn’t the first MMA fighter that Mayweather wanted to fight. Before Rousey lost to Holm late last year, Mayweather was trying to petition a fight against Rousey. It’s a little ironic how Mayweather is targeting the most popular of MMA fighters, almost as if he’s aiming for the boost in publicity, especially now with Conor McGregor who is becoming a rather hot topic as speculation began floating around about him retiring, which the MMA fighter clearly addressed, that he was done playing games. We covered the possibility of these two duking it out on The Inquisitr recently.

Coming from a sport or a fighting point of view it is highly unlikely to see Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather ever have a publicized match. Looking at this situation is like saying you want to have Lebron James and Aaron Rodgers compete in a game against each other. What sport will they compete in? Will it be basketball or football? And if one sport is chosen over the other, how will you assess the handicap of both players? It’s the same with Conor McGregor and Mayweather. Will they duke it out boxing style, or will they have a full-fledged MMA bout?

But with that being said, it doesn’t mean that Conor isn’t experimenting with what it is like to go at it with a boxer.

According to TMZ, Conor McGregor was at the Box ‘N Burn boxing ring located in Brentwood, California.

What was he doing there? He was duking it out in the RING with a former welterweight Champion, Chris Van Heerden. According to the gym owner, Tony Jeffries his skills might be pretty good in regards to boxing, here’s what he had to say:

“Conor has been here every day since Friday. Twice a day sometimes. — I never thought [Conor] had a chance at beating Floyd until I saw him box today. Now I am on the fence.”

Breaking down the video, it appears that McGregor is having some difficulty transitioning from the movements related to boxing in comparison to his MMA training. His foot positioning is still based along his MMA fighting style and hasn’t fully adapted to a boxer’s, lighter weighted foot-work. His striking is definitely on point, as you notice Chris Van Heerden cautiously evading his opponent’s strikes, all due to his amazing and agile footwork.

McGregor is making light-hearted humor out of the whole ordeal. When Conor isn’t training, he’s tweeting pictures of his highly fashionable “boxing boots” as the latest update. Can we expect a similarly fashion-based tweet back from Mayweather, as a retaliation?

Despite the fact of McGregor training alternatively in Boxing, it doesn’t seem that Mayweather is dabbling in any MMA or alternative forms of fighting, could this be an indication that Mayweather doesn’t think that highly of Conor McGregor’s MMA skills to worry about training in anything other than his boxing?

Conor McGregor’s endeavor to continue his training and adding in alternative forms of fighting show his true spirit and mentality as a fighter, that he is willing to learn and grow as a fighter. The top MMA fighters have cross-trained in different forms of fighting to gain their victories, Conor McGregor is only trying to follow the same path.

(Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)