Free PS Vita Games For May 2016: Here Are All The Games You Can Get Free This Month With A PlayStation Plus Subscription

One of the benefits of being a PlayStation Plus member is that you can get free games every month with a paid monthly subscription. Whether you’re rocking a PS Vita, a PS4, or a slightly older console, there are free games out there for all types of gamers. The best part is that these games come to us via some sort of magical, invisible connection (okay, it’s Wi-Fi), so you don’t even have to leave home to get the games you’re interested in.

Neverending Nightmares: The Struggle Is Real

As its name might slightly hint, Neverending Nightmares is a horror game for PS Vita. Metacritic mentions that it gets its inspiration from developer Matt Gilgenbach’s battle with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it looks to be quite the spooky suspense title, something similar to Silent Hill or Sanitarium. If you want to get in on the creepiness, now’s the time to do it.

Neverending Nightmares, a horror game, is one of several titles available free with a Playstation Plus subscription this month. [Image Via]

Ray Gigant: Roleplaying For The Rest Of Us

If you (like me) prefer RPGs, there’s good news: Ray Gigant is also one of the free titles on this week’s list. The PS Vita game is a role-playing title made by Bandai-Namco, the company behind Power Rangers. Wikipedia has the scoop on the title, which comes to us from Japan.

“The game plays as a dungeon crawler JRPG. Contrary to genre standards, the game will contain no random battles, and a heavier focus on narrative than usual.”

Gasp! No random battles? Okay, it’s nice to not be harassed by random baddies anymore, but how will I ever level up my experience-lacking mage character, you implore? Only one way to find out. Grab Ray Gigant for PS Vita today, and enjoy not being ambushed. The trailer makes the game look out to be more like an anime TV show than a video game, what with huge evil dragons and cartoon-like attack animations, but it still seems to be worth checking out.

Corridor Z: Because The World Needs More Zombies

With a tagline like “Be Quick or Be Undead,” you can pretty much guess what Corridor Z is about. If they weren’t dead already, pop culture would have done zombies to death by now. Corridor Z is a running game that has you trying to outrun said undead creatures while trying to recover lost tapes that tell how a zombie infection broke out in the first place. If you’re a Walking Dead fan or just really like virtual dead things chasing you, you are officially in luck. This game is free this month with a PlayStation Plus subscription as well.

Corridor Z, a zombie runner game for PS Vita, is available for free with a Playstation Plus subscription this month. [Image Via]

Can You Dig It? Azkend 2: The World Beneath

The game’s publisher calls this a “fantastic journey to remember” that takes players through the center of the Earth. The Bejeweled-esque gameplay trailer has serene music in the background while showing an AI playing the game by making matches. The matches are laid out on a honeycomb-shaped grid, and the bright colors might remind you of Peggle or another casual matching game. Azkend is perfect for gamers who are just starting out or are hesitant to play more complex, difficult games like Fallout where failing to plan ahead is a huge problem. It’s also the end of our list of free PS Vita games, sadly.

Express discovered that PlayStation Plus’ selection of free games is a bit behind that of Microsoft’s Games With Gold deals, so there might be more PS Vita games becoming available with time. Let us know what you think of the selection so far, and what you want to see added or changed. Oh, and enjoy your free PS Vita games.

[Image Via Oli Scarff, Getty Images]