Pippa Middleton Moves In With Boyfriend James Matthews After Corsica Holiday

Pippa Middleton and her boyfriend James Matthews are just in short of tying the knot! The couple reportedly moved in together after their sweet getaway at Corsica holiday off the south of France. They also have her dog in company, which means that they are closer than ever in getting married and having a baby!

“As the Royal sister-in-law enjoyed a romantic holiday in Corsica with hedge fund manager James Matthews last week, removal men were busy loading her possessions into his £17 million West London home,” reports Daily Mail. “They discreetly moved tables and chairs, dresses, coats, shoes and ornaments into his palatial property from the nearby apartment Pippa had been sharing with her brother James.”

Looks like Pippa and James tried their best to keep the move-in a discreet matter. But nothing flies under the British paparazzi’s radar.

While Pippa had to leave her apartment, that doesn’t mean that she will be in lack of anything. According to the same article, James Matthews’ apartment, which he purchased in 2014, “boasts a gym, an underground cinema, a lift and a ‘staff room’, as well as six bedrooms.”

Sounds like it is a modern urban version of Downton Abbey.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister has had a string of well-established bachelors before she moved in with James Matthews. Her most recent relationship was with Nico Jackson, who was a banker in London before he relocated to Geneva, Switzerland, to get involved with another business opportunity.

While the reasons for Nico and Pippa breaking up have not been specified to the public, the onlookers have pointed at the long distance as one of the factors of the failure.

But now, the 32-year-old English socialite has nothing to worry about with her rich, powerful boyfriend living with her. The word on the street is that James is also part of the high society, having grown up in a family that made “a fortune from a coach-building business, and then went on to establish the exclusive Eden Rock Hotel in the Caribbean island of St Barts, famous for attracting Hollywood A-listers.”

Sounds like they are just like the Middletons, who also made significant amount of money by starting a party planning company.

A source close to the couple told Daily Mail, “It’s all moved very quickly. They’ve been friends for a long time, but James has always been keen. They’ve tested living there and all seems to have gone well. As she was spending so much time at James’s it made sense to keep stuff there.”

Just because she has entered a more stable part of her life does not mean that Pippa is ready to change everything about her previous life. Just last week, she was seen frequenting her London gym to make sure that she keeps up with her almost-pro athleticism.

“Pippa Middleton completed a 53km ski race just a week ago but she is already back in the gym,” reports Daily Mail. “The 32-year-old wore a slate-grey trench coat and a floral-print top as she lugged a large holdall after her workout in London. The Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister is well-known for her love of fitness and was obviously keen not to put her feet up for too long.”

There have been speculations that she may not be completely over her ex-boyfriend Nico Jackson. She often takes part in ski races in Switzerland, where he resides.

Most recently, she skied “across the Haute Route along the Swiss-Italian border from Zermatt to Verbier,” which “covers heights of 3994m to 4090m and a distance of 53km by foot and ski, which is equivalent to 110km without altitude,” reports Daily Mail.

Do you think Pippa will stop skiing the Swiss routes now that she has moved in with James?

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]