Mariah Carey’s Reality Show Called ‘Desperate’ And ‘Fascinating’

Ten years ago, Mariah Carey was the hottest name in the music industry. The Emancipation of Mimi put her back on top after years of low sales and ridicule. Some longtime fans are shocked Mariah would lower herself to the reality show realm, a place where people as talented as she is usually avoid.

According to E! Online, the first promo for the reality television series has just been released.

“Prepare to see Mariah Carey like you’ve never seen her before! In the first trailer for E!’s upcoming series Mariah’s World, the chart-topping songstress offers fans an inside look at her extraordinary and exclusive lifestyle as she gears up to jet set across Europe for her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour and wed Australian billionaire James Packer.”

In the clip shown in the article, Mariah Carey claims that she doesn’t think everybody knows anything about her. However, judging by many social media comments, some don’t care. The comments about Mariah and the show on a similar article by Us Weekly aren’t very flattering.

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“I liked her when she first came out. Now, I can’t tolerate her,” says Over.It.Already.

“It’s funny to watch her act like an idiot, but it’s sad because you know the outcome already when older celebrities that were huge start acting like this,” says Lorna Winter.

Many of the comments on Twitter aren’t very complimentary either.

However, not everybody is upset with Mariah’s new television show.

Mariah Carey Show
Despite the critics, there are some who are excited about Mariah's latest career move. [Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

There are also some news articles who love the preview clip and praise the idea. InStyle describes the clip as “fabulous.”

“Dahhlings, the first sneak peek at renowned diva Mariah Carey’s new reality show is here, and we’re happy to say it’s just as full of glitz and drama as the iconic singer herself.”

The review praises Mariah Carey for delivering sound bites that only she can get away with. It also notes that the series will be covering Mariah’s latest Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour and her wedding with James Packer.

You can bet that a lot of Mariah’s LGBT fanbase will be watching the show. After all, Ms. Carey just appeared at the GLAAD Awards this past weekend. The New York Daily News claimed Mariah was her usual diva self.

“Once there, she briefly posed with her fiancé, Aussie businessman James Packer, and told reporters that she’s already selected her wedding dress but won’t be warbling at her own nuptials because ‘that’s obnoxious.'”

According to Billboard, Mariah received the GLAAD Ally Award and claimed it was very special for her.

“Some awards are about statistics and things like that, and some are about like something a little more real. Do you know what I mean? This feels like one of those moments, so I think it’s great,” Carey said.

Are you planning on watching Mariah’s new reality show, or do you think it’s just a really bad idea? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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