Credit Cards And Plastic Surgery: 552,400 Monthly Searches For CareCredit And United Medical Credit

Plastic surgery is becoming such a popular thing that some people are willing to go to great lengths to obtain the cosmetic surgery they’d like to have done. As seen in the above photo, 41-year-old Irina Tzoneva received instructions from a cosmetic surgeon in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. According to Gulf News, Dubai has experienced a big increase in those traveling to the region for plastic surgery procedures, with an influx of 1.3 million medical tourists expected by 2021.

Those who don’t have the money or desire to travel to what’s being dubbed the Middle East’s top destination for plastic surgery look for ways to get their cosmetic surgeries performed closer to home. As reported by the Inquisitr, more and more women are turning to social media to describe getting explant breast surgery — wherein they have their breast implants removed.

Some who lack the funds for plastic surgery turn to desperate means to get their surgeries. Such was the case of 28-year-old Terilyn Riggins, as reported by People. Terilyn allegedly stole credit cards by adding authorized users to credit cards — people who shouldn’t have been authorized to use the credit card. That credit card ring allegedly took more than $50,000 from those stolen cards, and plenty of the stolen funds went towards getting Riggins’ friends plastic surgeries, including breast implants and Brazilian butt lifts. Oddly, Terilyn only reportedly asked for small favors in return for buying her friends expensive plastic surgery procedures with the stolen credit cards.

While some folks don’t turn to theft to get their plastic surgeries funded, they do turn to credit cards to fund their cosmetic procedures. And when the traditional routes of using Visa or MasterCard available credit limits aren’t desired or aren’t available, some folks turn to medical credit cards to get the job done.

Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool reports that 550,000 searches for CareCredit comes into their search engine each month. United Medical Credit, for those with less than stellar credit, gets 2,400 searches monthly. As explained on the CareCredit website, CareCredit is like a credit card for medical and healthcare needs — not just human medical needs, but even the healthcare needs of pets. CareCredit is one of those websites that allows people to apply for credit right on their website and get a credit decision instantly. Those who receive a “yes” from CareCredit can start using their CareCredit cards right away at more than 175,000 healthcare providers across the nation.

However, with CareCredit reportedly having a minimum FICO credit score requirement of around 640 or so, not everyone will get approved for CareCredit.

As reported by KHQ, CareCredit denied a woman named Linda Choate when she sought funding for a vet to treat her 4-year-old dog, Chessy. The dog had recently gotten fixed, and Linda believes the dog may have opened her own stitches. With surgery to repair the damage costing several thousand dollars and not having the cash to foot the bill, Choate applied for CareCredit and was turned down. As such, Linda had her dog put down in order to spare her any more pain. Some experts claim that carrying pet insurance could help prevent a situation like Linda’s painful one.

Others who are denied CareCredit for their medical and plastic surgery desires turn to places like United Medical Credit, a site that makes it clear that they aren’t a lender. Instead, their fine print says that they assist people with setting up payment plans. Reading their terms would be important indeed, because one Real Self user claims that (NSFW photos) United Medical Credit helped her get a loan that came along with a $1,500 fee, plus another $600 fee, a total of $2,100 that she claims didn’t go towards the Brazilian butt lift surgery she desired.

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