Cheer Coach Resigns In Wake Of Sleepover Stripping Game

A cheer coach at Lovejoy High School has resigned following the revelation that she invited cheerleaders into her home and encouraged them to play a stripping game, according to The Christian Post. Parents and school officials were understandably outraged at the news and were quick to condemn the actions of a coach they all believed they could trust with their students.

One mother, whose daughter attended the sleepover, says her child was too ashamed to admit that she participated in the game with her coach.

“What child ain’t going to try to fit in? They telling her this is what we do every year,” she explained to WSB-TV. “Y’all do this every year? Really?” I’m sure other parents are probably sharing in this sentiment right about now.

NBC News reports that the cheerleaders were invited over to their coach’s house for a sleepover, an event which involved participation in a game called “Judge and Jury.” According to reports, the coach took the role of judge, the older cheerleaders were the jury, and the younger members of the squad were put on trial. If they responded incorrectly to any of the judge’s questions, they were forced to remove an article of clothing or run laps. If they wanted to reduce the number of laps they had to run, they would have to remove more clothes.

Over the course of this so-called game, at least a dozen girls had stripped down to their underwear. If these scantily-clad cheerleaders failed yet another round of questioning, they were made to expose themselves as a result. Not surprisingly, nobody was happy about the incident once word began to spread throughout the school.


Shortly after the events which took place at the sleepover came to light, the coach resigned from her position at Lovejoy High School in Clayton County, Georgia. An investigation into the matter is currently pending.