Lil Wayne Noted In Student Sizzurp Incident As Fellow Rapper Accuses Him Of Lean Poisoning

Lil Wayne has struggled with drinking codeine drinks in the past that he calls “sizzurp” or “lean” and now there are two headlines in mid-May that mention Lil Wayne’s name for indirectly causing problems related to the drugs.

The allegation about Lil Wayne, sizzurp, and kids comes from WTOP. In their May report, they claim Silver Springs, Maryland students were hospitalized when they decided to drink a “NyQuil mixture” at school in attempts to make “purple drank.”

Lil Wayne was mentioned by name because the Narcanon website mentions him as an example of someone that has consumed the purple drink. The article also points out that three rappers have died from consuming purple drank (a.k.a. lean or sizzurp) which is a combination of “prescription cold medication with promethazine (an antihistamine) and codeine [an opiate].”

Lil Wayne started talking in public about using sizzurp in 2007
Lil Wayne was open about his sizzurp use starting around 2007. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for BET)

On May 18, the media began circulating reports that Curren$y almost died from a sizzurp incident with Lil Wayne… but Curren$y says it was accidental.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Curren$y was hanging out with Lil Wayne and drank a bottle of punch from his fridge without realizing it was laced with codeine syrup. The rapper obviously survived and said the incident ended with him passed out on Lil Wayne’s tour bus.

Although it is not something he encourages with others, Lil Wayne has spoken openly about his poor relationship with lean and sizzurp in the past. For example, in a NSFW video posted on YouTube, Lil Wayne is shown mixing lean/sizzurp around 2007.

In another NSFW video posted in 2008, Lil Wayne is determined to do what he wants even though people around him are allegedly begging him to stop.

In 2009, Lil Wayne told Katie Couric that he was not addicted to sizzurp/lean, according to BoomBox.

However, in 2013, Lil Wayne was interviewed by Katie Couric again, and he told her that he did have a problem with codeine addiction, but his doctors finally convinced him to stop. In particular, it was a problem with having seizures in 2012 that made Lil Wayne realize it was time to quit sizzurp, according to MTV.

On the other hand, some have tried to dispute this, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, and Lil Wayne was accused of drinking sizzurp again in January right around the time his breakup from Christina Milian was announced. A few months earlier, Lil Wayne fans were also worried he was back on sizzurp when he released “Pour Up,” according to Fuse.

Since that time, Lil Wayne has not confirmed or denied that he is drinking sizzurp/lean again. Nevertheless, public often gets confused when Lil Wayne is pictured with large white styrofoam cups because they are often associated with sizzurp, according to TIME.

Lil Wayne fans are concerned each time he is pictured with a white cup
Pictured here on April 22, when fans see a white cup in Lil Wayne's hands, they often tweet online that they are worried he has returned to his lean habit. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images for Coachella)

Although Lil Wayne’s personal relationship with sizzurp might have changed, many of his songs have lyrics talking about him using lean. For example, Lil Wayne has a commonly quoted song about him mixing up sizzurp called “Me and My Drink.”

Regardless, Lil Wayne is not the only rapper talking about purple drank. In 2014, XXL published a list of “40 of the best hip-hop lyrics that mention lean.”

It also appears that codeine syrup has a long history that might be difficult to shake. ABC News reports in March 2013, that Professor Ronald Peters of the University of Texas Health Science Center has been studying “sippin’ syrup” for over a decade.

Dr. Peters says that despite being around in some form since the 1970s, “[i]t is still considered to be the champagne and caviar of drugs here in Houston.”

Whether or not Lil Wayne is indeed continuing to ingest codeine-laced drinks, there is a lot of information educating the public about the fatalities associated with lean.

Adding to this, The Fix writes that an addiction expert, Dr. Harris Stratyner, says that lean/sizzurp has a lot of side effects including death, but one of the reasons it is so dangerous is because if a person overdoses, the drug has a substance that prevents it from being easily vomited.

To find out more information about getting help for drug abuse, consult the website for the National Institute for Drug Abuse.

[Picture by Michael Tullberg/Stringer/Getty Images]