Oregon And Kentucky 2016 Primary Live Results: Get Up-To-Date Vote Totals For May 17 Races

Voters in Oregon and Kentucky will cast ballots on Tuesday, and those who want to find live results of the races will have a number of options to follow along with up-to-date voting totals.

The races represent something of a last chance for Bernie Sanders, who needs big wins in all of the remaining contests in an effort to cut into Hillary Clinton’s nearly 300-delegate lead. That could start with Tuesday, where he has a chance to bring the score a little closer with some potentially friendly ground in Oregon.

Live streaming coverage of the Oregon and Kentucky primaries can be found below.

Those who watch the live results from the Oregon and Kentucky primaries may see the last gasps of the Sanders campaign. He has poured considerable resources into Oregon, staging filled-to-capacity rallies there and trying to drum up support among his core of young voters.

“It felt like this is Bernie Sanders country,” said pollster John Horvick via the Los Angeles Times.

But the numbers may not reflect that, Harvick said. His firm, DHM Research, showed last week that Hillary Clinton is actually ahead 48 percent to 33 percent in Oregon. He noted that the poll could be an outlier and may not reflect the 65,000 voters who changed their registration to Democrat to vote in the closed primary, a number that could bring a big boost to Sanders.

As Los Angeles Times noted, there could be the underlying signs of a big win for Clinton.

“Oregon has a closed primary, meaning only registered Democrats can vote, and Sanders hasn’t won a closed primary yet in this campaign. Older voters are much more likely than their younger counterparts to be registered with a party, and they’re more likely to favor Clinton, giving her an edge.”

“In addition, Horvick’s team calculated a second set of numbers based on a potential turnout where young voters and new voters cast ballots in higher numbers than normal.”

“Even then, Clinton had a lead that exceeded the margin of error, 45% to 38%.”

There has not been as much polling in Kentucky, but there are other signs that Clinton could win there. She did well in neighboring counties in Indiana, though Kentucky could have a voter base similar to West Virginia, one of Sanders’ best states in recent voting.

Clinton has been putting a lot of work in across the Bluegrass State, looking to avoid the loss she suffered in Indiana after pulling out and investing nothing in ads across the Hoosier State. She has held 11 events over the course of the last two weeks, CNN noted, and called on her voters to show up to the polls.

“Everybody’s ready to go vote,” Clinton said in Paducah on Monday. “I’ll tell you this: I’m not going to give up on Kentucky in November.”

There could be a fairly significant haul for the taking in Tuesday’s races. Kentucky has 55 pledged delegates and five additional superdelegates while Oregon has 61 delegates and 13 superdelegates.

The first polls will close at 6 p.m. in Kentucky and 10 p.m. in Oregon.

But no matter the results of Tuesday’s races, Hillary Clinton has largely turned her attention to the general election and her almost assured matchup against Donald Trump. Clinton has already begun releasing ads targeting the real estate mogul, hitting largely on his remarks about women in an effort to sew up her advantage among women voters.

Those who want to follow live results of the Kentucky primary can find up-to-date vote totals here, and results for the Oregon primary can be found here.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]