Man Uses Wolverine Claws In Domestic Attack

A Utah man has been charged with aggravated assault following an attack on his roommate. His weapon of choice in the legally-dubbed “domestic-type incident” Wolverine claws. Like the comic book character.

Kristofer Ryan Huff, age 19, was charged with the assault after he allegedly used a set of replica/prop Wolverine claws to attack his roommate, reports MSN. This wasn’t just run-of-the-mill horseplay between roommates either. Huff was fully channeling the popular X-Men character, slashing his roommate on his head, his arms, his hands, and his thigh in their shared apartment in Vernal, Utah.

“[The alleged victim] sustained probably five to six wounds to his head, and then two to his arm, multiple defense wounds on his hands and then one real deep wound to his thigh,” said Vernal Police Sgt. Vance Norton.

The alleged victim reportedly attempted to protect his attacker from legal trouble, reports KSL. He initially told law enforcement officials that his wounds stemmed from a fight with a group of strangers in the street. Police then investigated the home and found blood in the residence. Possibly remembering that there isn’t a street gang in Vernal called “The Wolverines” that attack unsuspecting victims with Wolverine claws, they called his bluff, and he admitted that he was attacked by his roommate.

As if the story couldn’t get any more bizarre, Huff’s mother also got stabbed with the Wolverine claws after trying to wrestle him off of the 20-year-old victim. What was mom doing there? Police say she’s dating Huff’s roommate, even though Huff and his roomie have been “best friends since they were younger.”

There are jokes, but we’ll take the high road here.

Huff was released after posting $10,000 bail. He is set to make his first court appearance on September 10. We don’t know the fate of the Wolverine claws, but we’re guessing they’ll make an interesting conversation piece for school tours through the police evidence room.