‘The Division: Conflict’ Free DLC Bringing New Incursion And More This Month

The second free expansion for The Division was detailed by Ubisoft Tuesday. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC online shooter will receive the 1.2 update later this month, which adds the Conflict DLC featuring the Clear Sky Incursion, new gear, the ability to hijack loot, and more.

The Conflict expansion for The Division is scheduled to be released May 24 for all platforms. The major addition is the new Clear Sky Incursion, which pits players against Rikers enemies who have taken over an anti-air missile site in Columbus Circle. This site was formerly held by the Last Man Battalion, and now it is up to Division Agents to clear it out once and for all to make the airspace over Manhattan flyable again.

Just like the first Incursion, Clear Sky was designed for a team of four players. The encounter can be taken on with less, but it will be more difficult. A checkpoint is available after the first encounter, per Game Director Petter Mannerfelt (via Ubiblog).

Rewards from the Hard mode version of Clear Sky includes High-End items with a 204 gear score and Gear Set items with a 214 gear score every time the Incursion is completed. Division players get double rewards the first time it is complete every week.

Challenge mode rewards for Clear Sky keep the same High-End items 204 gear score but bumps the Gear Set pieces up to a 240 gear score. The double rewards for first weekly completion are also available here.

Speaking of Gear Sets, The Division will introduce the following four new Gear Sets for players to collect.

  • Final Measure is a new defensive set.
  • Hunter’s Faith is a new long range set.
  • Predator’s Mark new support set.
  • Lone Star is a DPS (damage per second) gear set.

High-Value Targets are another new addition to The Division with the 1.2 update. Players can obtain Search and Destroy missions from the safe houses of named zones once all side missions and encounters are completed. These new mission will send Agents after dangerous faction leaders. There are both daily and weekly contracts for these High-Value Targets to complete.

Meanwhile, the Dark Zone is getting an interesting tweak. Players can now hijack other player’s loot from the extraction rope. Cutting the rope drop all attached loot bags to the ground and turn the offending player Rogue. This means Agents will now have to defend extractions to make sure the items they’ve collected get out safely.

The Division Clear Sky Incursion (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
[Image via Ubisoft]

The 1.2 update is also Ubisoft’s attempt at improving both the quantity and quality of loot rewards, as previously covered by the Inquisitr.

Players with a Gear score of 200 and above will get their own Dark Zone bracket with the 1.2 update. This is to keep the balance between players and also an opportunity to provide a tougher challenge and much better loot, the best quality you can get. This includes 240 Gear Sets and 204 items along with High-End Division Tech. There will be no more blue or green Division Tech loot in the highest bracket.

Ubisoft is also changing the frequency that certain items will drop across all Dark Zone brackets. Mods will drop less while weapons will drop more. In fact, the developer says you will see much more weapons since you cannot recalibrate those High-End items. The idea is for players to roll stats and perks for a weapon while having fun killing a boss versus sitting at a crafting station to re-roll.

The same kind of loot buffs will be applied throughout all of the high-end activities for The Division and not just the Dark Zone. Incursions will get more and better loot along with Challenge Modes. It’s unknown if the quantity will be the same as when a bug in the 1.1 patch left bosses dropping High-End items in the Challenge mode, but it will be more.

It will be worth keeping an eye out on how these changes improve the Division loot drops and if it satisfies the game’s very vocal community.

[Image via Ubisoft]