Andy Cohen Allegedly Splits With Boyfriend And Now Has Eyes For Anderson Cooper?

Bravo producer and host Andy Cohen allegedly broke up with his boyfriend, and now has his sights set on CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

In a story out by Radar Online, Cohen purportedly split up with his boyfriend, Clifton Dassuncao, because he thought he was using him for the fame.

The Watch What Happens Live host, 47, dumped the 28-year-old recently after he expressed an interest in attending an event with Cohen and actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

“His boyfriend wanted to attend the MET ball with Andy and Sarah Jessica Parker and that was the last straw,” a source says.

Since Andy and his boyfriend supposedly broke up, he’s been traveling a lot with Anderson Cooper.

“He is happy to expose the life of his A-list friends, but if he thinks for one second that anyone is using him to get famous, he dumps them,” the source added.

According to the website’s insider, it wasn’t just fame Dassuncao yearned for that made Cohen decide to dump him. The source explains that Andy loves fame more than anything and doesn’t want to share the spotlight with anyone unless they’re a powerful star.

“Andy cannot love anything but fame,” the source said. “The couple split shortly after it was exposed that Andy was dating. He refuses to share the spotlight with anyone that isn’t a bigger star than himself.”

A separate report by Radar Online confirmed the pair were romantically involved when Dassuncao’s father said the two were trying to keep their relationship a secret.

“He didn’t tell me anything,” Heler Dassuncao told the source in April. “I’m surprised, but I would welcome him.”

Clifton Dassuncao is a Harvard Ph.D student. He posted a photo with Cohen at a WWHL taping last summer. They were photographed on a yacht in the Caribbean last December.

Has Andy Cohen and Clifton Dassuncao really split up? A rep for Andy corrects the report, by telling Radar that its source is unreliable.

“That is totally made up obviously not a credible source — there is no truth to any of it,” Cohen’s source said.

Andy’s Instagram account is stuffed with photos of him posing with various celebrities, but he has a fair share of them with Anderson Cooper. It’s evident they share a special friendship.

The image below is one of Cohen and Cooper together celebrating New Year’s 2016.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper celebrating New's Years 2016 (Photo Credit: Andy Cohen/Instagram).

Of course, none of this means the two men are in any way together, but it does reveal that they have a mutual respect and admiration for one another.

A Daily Mail report showed more photos of Andy with boyfriend, Clifton Dassuncao. While Clifton’s Instagram and Twitter accounts are private, DM has several photos from his accounts which show he and Anderson together. The report was published in April and speculated on rumors that the much younger Dassuncao was dating Cohen. They had gone on two vacations within a three-month period to the Caribbean on Barry Diller’s $150 million yacht.

It was revealed in DM’s report that Clifton set his social media accounts to private when Andy’s reps were asked for comment.

Cohen and Dassuncao have traveled all around the world together, as several photos reveal. The report also notes that Dassuncao is one of only 259 people that Cohen follows of his 1.5 million followers.

Their relationship isn’t one that’s shouted from the rooftops by Andy Cohen, but it appears they’re involved. Until something is confirmed, it’s not set in stone what the real story is.

[Photo Credit: Andy Cohen/Instagram]