Marie Reyes' Full Texts About LeeAnne Locken To Tiffany Hendra Released, Brandi Redmond Chimes In On Confrontation

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas again featured an explosive confrontation involving LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra. While last week's episode showed LeeAnne and Tiffany screaming at one another while out on a Dallas street, which involved Tiffany shoving LeeAnne, and LeeAnne attacking the cameraman and a passing streetcar, Monday night's episode showed LeeAnne and Tiffany united against a common enemy: Marie Reyes.

LeeAnne confronted Marie about talking badly about her behind her back to Brandi Redmond and sending Tiffany nasty texts about her. LeeAnne, while calling Brandi bad names, accused Marie of being the one who has been feeding Brandi bad information about her. Marie denied the accusations, but was caught lying when LeeAnne produced the texts, which Tiffany had printed out. There was also footage of Marie and Brandi talking negatively about LeeAnne to one another.

So what does Brandi think of it all? In her blog, Brandi criticized LeeAnne for blasting her when she was confronting Marie about her texts with Tiffany. As for Marie lying to LeeAnne's face about talking badly about her to Brandi, Brandi agreed that it wasn't right and said that if Marie did it to protect her, she doesn't need the protection.
"What I was shocked to see was that a text between Tiffany and Marie somehow reflected back to me. Get over yourself and quit blaming other people for your behavior. Own your mistakes and move on. I can honestly say that I am sick of this and I think everyone will agree to move on already...Did Marie lie? Absolutely she did and I don't agree with that. She should have been upfront and I can assure you its not gossip when I've already said what I said to Leanne's face...If Marie was trying to protect me, thank you but I'm a big girl."
On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, Marie had Brandi over to teach her daughter how to dance. The talk turned to LeeAnne's behavior at Marie's cocktail party, where LeeAnne smashed a wine glass before running out and having her ensuing fight with Tiffany Hendra.

"LeeAnne is bats--t crazy," Brandi said.

"I know — who does that?!" Marie, who has friends with LeeAnne for 20 years, said. "I know LeeAnne could benefit from therapy … Her behavior was totally crazy," she added.

After Tiffany made up with LeeAnne, she revealed to her that Marie had been sending her negative texts. LeeAnne read off snippets of the texts during the confontation. Bravo's The Daily Dish printed Marie's texts to Tiffany in their entirety. In one text, Marie tells Tiffany that LeeAnne has talked "s**t" about both of them.

"She talks s**t about you to me, I'm sure she talks s**t about me to you. She loved us..Think what she says about the people she doesn't like.."
In another text, Marie said that LeeAnne thinks she's the most important person.
"It's just 'Tiffany too busy to ever answer my f**king calls' and the tone of her voice that gets me. She's the expert on BC she thinks she's the most important person anyways."
In the third text, Marie said that LeeAnne is spiritually and emotionally stunted.
"She is spiritually/emotionally about 14 and we can't do anything about that and it is not because of what she's been through. We all had rough journeys but it is up to the individual to do the spiritual work required for growth :)"
Tiffany Hendra and LeeAnne Locken, with the texts printed out, confronted Marie Reyes. LeeAnne accused Marie of giving inside information about her to Brandi Redmond. Marie told LeeAnne that Brandi has never talked negatively about her. In regards to the texts, Marie said that she was genuinely concerned for LeeAnne. LeeAnne and Tiffany didn't really buy Marie's explanation and LeeAnne made it clear that she trusted Tiffany more than Marie.
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tiffany claimed last week that Marie talked badly about LeeAnne to her the moment she moved back to Dallas.

In her own blog post for The Real Housewives of Dallas, Marie Reyes accused Tiffany Hendra of purposefully driving a wedge between her and LeeAnne Locken because "all of Tiffany's hopes and dreams are riding on Dallas and her friendship with LeeAnne" and she's the person standing between her and LeeAnne. Marie also expressed hope for her friendship with LeeAnne.

"I'm not going to write her friendship off, however, we've not spoken to each other for a very long time."
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