‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: Friendly Challenges, Gem Boost Come With Latest ‘Clash Of Clans’ Improvements

Clash Of Clans update time arrived again on May 17. Along with a gem boost, the latest Clash Of Clans update presents Friendly Challenges to users of the game. The game was taken down early in the morning on Tuesday, allowing the coders at Supercell the chance to begin an upload of the new improvement. As explained on the Clash Of Clans blog, Friendly Challenges will allow people within the game to practice attacks on their own clanmates. The new practice tool could be helpful not just to new users, but also to veterans trying to improve their specific villages.

It may take a few days for the Friendly Challenges to go live within the game, giving users a chance to read over how it will work before Supercell completes the update. The way it will work, is that a user can either issue a challenge or accept a challenge from someone else in their clan. At the top of the clan chat page within the game, a new button will appear called “Challenge,” which will allow the user to select from villages that they have created. This includes bases that have been constructed for wars.

These challenges can be laid out with custom text, basically challenging other members of the clan to try to take down a user’s base. Any member of the clan can accept the challenge, simultaneously allowing for practice by the attacking party. This can help a lot with strengthening both the defenses and attacking skills of every member in the clan. Replays and results of each attack will be available in the clan chat as well, so that people can compare notes. The option to watch attacks taking place live will also be available.

Those users worried about burning through resources while taking advantage of this Clash Of Clans update need not be too concerned. Supercell posted about that on the gaming site as well, making it very alluring for users to take part in the Friendly Challenges.

“Friendly Challenges let clanmates attack one another for practice, competition, or just plain fun! Friendly Challenges are unlimited and won’t cost gold or consume Troops, Spells, Heroes or Traps. You also won’t earn resources, Trophies or other bonuses.”

Users will use their current armies to make attacks through the new Friendly Challenge system. As added incentive to take part in it and to also build up armies to fight in wars, Supercell put out a new gem boost for users to take advantage of until everything goes live. While there is no end date set for the gem boost, it can certainly help users trying to collect more gold, elixir, and dark elixir within the game.

With the gem boost, users will be able to double the output of all mines and elixir drills on their respective villages. Each use of one gem will double the output of each resource collecter for a 24-hour time period. This is a tool that even those people not participating in the Friendly Challenges can use to their advantage.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, another recent Clash Of Clans update was put into place at the beginning of May. This one allows users to train troops and brew spells at a much faster rate. The intent of the update was to get more users involved in wars and to create more activity within the game.

While users can’t take advantage of the new Friendly Challenges feature just yet, Supercell has stated that it will be available very soon. That will give users a bit more time to read up on what it will entail and figure out exactly how to best use it within the clan. Some users already see it as a great way to have smaller competitions between people in the clan. Users should keep an eye out for another Clash Of Clans update to take place soon, where the coders will roll out the first version of the challenge option.

[Image Source: Supercell Press Release]