‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke Blames Sasha, Eric Worries About Zende, And Caroline Stirs Up Trouble [Spoilers]

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, May 17 promise an emotional episode. Brooke blames Sasha for stirring up trouble between Nicole and Zende and feels that they would be together if she wouldn’t have tried to come between them. Eric agrees and explains that since his break up with Nicole, he has been moping around the house depressed.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Nicole’s baby arrives and brings unity among the Avants and Forresters. Maya and Rick feel overwhelmed by the birth of their child. Soap Opera Spy reveals that Caroline stirs up the drama with Sasha when she tells her that once the baby arrives, Zende and Nicole can pick up where they left off. Sasha gets a sneaky plan to trap Zende into a relationship and keep him away from her half-sister, Nicole.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Brooke will tell Eric that Nicole and Zende are good together and would have worked out their differences if Sasha wouldn’t have intervened. Eric tends to agree with her and explains that Zende has been moping around the house since their breakup, frequently staring out the window in his room. Brooke notes that Sasha is nothing but trouble and may bring heartache in Zende and Nicole’s lives.

Elsewhere, Caroline has a chat with Sasha and unknowingly gives her an idea. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that Sasha will decide to stir up trouble after Caroline tells her that having a child changes your relationship and explains how caring and nurturing Ridge has been towards her and Douglas. Sasha noted she wants that type of relationship with Zende, but with Nicole in the picture, it’s almost impossible. Sasha hatches an idea to tell Zende she’s pregnant to bring him back in her orbit. The only problem with her plan is she isn’t pregnant, and it won’t take Zende long to figure it out.

The moment that Bold and the Beautiful fans have been waiting for has arrived: Nicole will have her baby and hand the newborn over to Maya and Rick Forrester. After having a difficult labor, Nicole is ready to push and deliver the baby. It’s an emotional moment as Nicole prepares to give her sister a beautiful gift. Zende will arrive in the room just in time to see the miracle happen and will be overcome with emotion. He finally understands why Nicole had to give her sister a child.

“Family is everything.”

After Nicole delivers the baby, Zende will tell her what an amazing person she is for doing this for Rick and Maya. He will tell her he’s missed so much in their time apart and doesn’t want to miss anymore. He will insist they get back together and vows never to let anything come between them again. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Sasha will drop a bombshell that will rock their fragile relationship.

Other Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Nicole will face heartache when Sasha’s pregnancy could shake her relationship. The spoilers tease that Zende will feel conflicted about the right thing to do and could once again abandon Nicole as he makes the right decision about Sasha, SheKnows Soaps reports.

One thing is for sure: Sasha has brought nothing but trouble and will continue to make waves in Los Angeles. On Wednesday’s Bold and the Beautiful episode, she will tell Zende she is pregnant with his child and suggest they reconcile. It proves to be difficult for Zende, because he loves Nicole and just promised that nothing will come between them.

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