Nikki Sixx Defends Comments He Made About Gene Simmons As Feud With Paul Stanley Heats Up

Nikki Sixx is in the middle of social media war with KISS founder Paul Stanley despite the fact that they both agree that Gene Simmons’ comments about the death of Prince were out of line. Last week, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx took to Twitter to post that Simmons is no longer his hero after the legendary KISS bassist said in an interview that Prince’s death was “pathetic” because it was the result of alleged drug use.

But even though Simmons apologized for his insensitive remarks about Prince, Nikki Sixx didn’t stop there. According to Billboard, Nikki continued to slam Gene during a segment on his iHeart Radio show, Sixx Sense, calling him a bully and a has-been in the music industry.

“When you’re in Gene’s position, you should have a little bit more than a narrow-minded, bullying sense of what’s happening on the earth,” Sixx said. “I think that [Gene] is [an] overrated, lucky guy that dresses like a clown. [He] wrote some good songs, [but] hasn’t in a long time, and loves to brag about himself.”

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It didn’t take long for Paul Stanley to step in and give Nikki Sixx a piece of his mind. While Stanley initially criticized his KISS bandmate for what he said about Prince, he clearly has had enough of Sixx’s trash talk.

In a Facebook post, Stanley called out Nikki Sixx for continuing to talk about Simmons.

“Jesus Christ, Nikki Sixx! Would you please shut up, find another way to be in the news and get off your self-inflated pedestal. Regardless of some things Gene Simmons has said that I may take issue with, his influence on musicians (you included) is undeniable and will continue. More importantly, his work, generosity and monetary contributions to numerous causes and charities for those less fortunate makes your ongoing rant, in the scheme of things, the unimportant but annoying squeak it truly is.”

Sixx fired back at Stanley to defend himself. In a now-removed Facebook post, excerpted by Loudwire, Nikki Sixx acknowledged Gene’s philanthropy but reiterated that’s not even the issue.

“We all give to charities and support our troops, etc., because that’s the right thing to do with our success,” Nikki wrote. “Telling a depressed kid to kill themselves etc. etc. etc. etc. is not…. So don’t confuse issues.”

Sixx also called out Stanley for his double standards regarding the original topic.

“Looks like good old Paul doesn’t like that someone called out his buddy Gene again,” Nikki wrote. “I will give him a standing ovation for calling out Gene himself publicly and then trying to hold my feet to the same fire, but you can’t save him.”

Pual Stanley isn’t the only person annoyed by Nikki Sixx’s talk about Gene Simmons. Last week, Gene’s daughter, Sophie Tweed-Simmons, called out the Motley Crue rocker for announcing that the KISS legend was no longer his hero. Sophie also questioned why Nikki Sixx always seems to post on social media about her father whenever he’s in the headlines.

Nikki Sixx and Motley Crue used to be touring buddies with the KISS boys. From 2012 to 2103, the two hard rock bands joined forces for a concert tour through North America and Australia. Now, it looks like fans can forget about ever seeing that happen again — and not just because Nikki Sixx’s band has permanently retired from touring.

Take a look at the video for more on Nikki Sixx’s feud with KISS.

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