Ginger Zee Opens Up About Anorexia Battle Before ‘DWTS’ Finale

Ginger and Val together

Ginger Zee has done a great job on Dancing with the Stars, but now she is opening up about something in her past. Ginger battled with anorexia as a child, and she is now revealing her story. Zee was just a teenager when she dealt with this, but opening up now could help someone else.

E! Online shared what Ginger had to say. On the episode last night, Ginger opened up about this battle with anorexia.

Now Ginger is speaking out to E! News and explaining what made her decide to reveal her story.

“My advice is this is a choice, this is a choice you can make and there are a lot of amazing parts of life ahead of you. You can overcome it. It shouldn’t control you. You can do this.”

Ginger Zee admitted that when she was just 7-years-old, her parents got a divorce. This was all very hard on her, and she hated that she had no control over any of it. Ginger Zee just felt like one thing she could control was her eating, so she made the decision to just not eat. The main times that Ginger struggled with anorexia was when she was between the ages of 10 and 14.

She said, “I just think all the time, ‘What a waste that was. I chose to do that? What a terrible thing?’ There are many diseases that choose you, you can choose to get out of it as well.”

Ginger has been able to move past this disease, though. Things are going great for her now and she is married with her first child. It looks like Ginger Zee could end up winning this season of Dancing With the Stars. She will be competing in the finale next week in the final three. Ginger does stand a pretty good chance of winning the entire show with her partner Val Chmerkovskiy, but it won’t be determined until next week.

People shared that Ginger Zee admits that she is not proud of it because it was a disease that she chose. Ginger revealed that she has not shared about it with a lot of people.

Ginger admits that she is really happy with her body now and said, “I know a lot of people suffer from it, and I hope that this will get the conversation going in the family.”

Ginger speaking out could save someone else.

Ginger even went to therapy and also an in-patient treatment center. She explained why they did this for her.

“It was to scare me, basically. There were girls who were on their way to death. ‘That one will die tomorrow,’ she’d say. It was shocking and it didn’t make me better right away but I knew I had the great support of my family and the fear factor was there.”

Ginger explained that her stepfather is a counselor, and he really helped her through all of it. Zee said that he taught her about nutrition and self-love. Ginger actually got obsessed with working out for a bit after she learned about how calories in vs. calories out works, but she was able to find balance. Things are looking really good for Ginger Zee right now.

Are you surprised to hear about Ginger Zee’s battle with anorexia? Do you think that she will end up winning this season of the show? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss the season finale of Dancing with the Stars next week on ABC.

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