‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer Slammed Again For Another Parenting Fail

At this point, most Teen Mom 2 fans are pretty sure that Leah Messer won’t be winning any “Mom of the Year” awards any time soon. From losing custody of her twin girls to their father to letting her disabled child fall from a swing while unattended at the park, Messer’s parenting style leaves a lot to be desired.

And once again, the Teen Mom 2 star is in the headlines for yet another parenting fail — this time, for allowing her 3-year-old daughter to chow down on an entire container of cake frosting.

Furthermore, the whole “yes, sure, you can eat a container of chocolate frosting” incident occurred after Messer was caught on camera as she opened packets of sugar substitute to feed 3-year-old Adalynn, prompting Radar Online to speculate whether or not Adalynn’s father Jeremy Calvert should follow the same path as Corey Simms and demand full custody of the daughter he shares with Messer.

During a recent episode of Teen Mom, the 3-year-old casually asked her mother if she could eat the can of chocolate frosting as Messer chatted with her own mother.

Rather than pause what she was doing in order to address her child’s hunger, Messer, 25, simply said, “Is it bad that I’m going to let Addie eat icing?” as she replied, “Just have her sit at the table.”

Of course. Because as long as your child sits at the table while consuming a container of chocolate frosting — which contains 1,690 calories, 65 grams of fat, and 234 grams of sugar — then everything should be fine.

While her 3-year-old toddler spooned in frosting (at the table, at least), Messer, without a hint of irony, continued discussing the current custody situation she has with ex Corey Simms with her mother.

@TM2LeahDawn such a cutie pie. She’s growing up too fast pic.twitter.com/2A8LegahqT

— κરίȘτϓ♱ (@KristyHahn__) April 25, 2016

Fans of the show freaked out.

“Sad how you watch Leah give that baby icing just to get her outta her way,” one fan tweeted, as another incredulously wrote, “Did Leah give her baby frosting so she could sit down & talka bout herself?”

Some took Messer to task for more than what was seen as just parenting laziness, accusing Messer of endangering her child by allowing her to eat the chocolate frosting.

“Never should give a kid icing,” tweeted an angry user. “Make her a PB&J. Leah you trying to give her baby diabetes?”

Leah Messer did attempt to defend herself as far as the fact that Adalynn was caught on camera eating sugar substitute straight from the packet.

“She was sneaking it while I was filming and MTV caught her,” Messer claimed, but no one was really buying the weak excuse.

“So Leah’s baby was eating sweet n’ low packets in a previous episode and now eating chocolate frosting from the jar,” a commenter sneered. “Great parenting!”

Messer has also been called out for the way she fed — or, rather, didn’t feed — her older girls, Ali and Aleeah, the 6-year-old twins. In a previous Teen Mom 2 episode this season, Messer had her twin girls in tears as she rushed them out the door to school, neglecting to give them breakfast first. During the drive to school, which takes a reported 45 minutes, the little girls begged Messer to stop and get them something to eat.”

“But I want something,” Aleeah cried. “I don’t trust you, take me back home. You’re always worrying about everything else except for going to pick us up and giving us lunch.”

The little girl then drove her point in even harder with a clear comparison between Messer’s parenting and that of her father and stepmother

“I’m cold and I don’t have nothing to eat,” the little girl said. “You never get us up for breakfast. Daddy and Miranda do!”


What do you think of Leah’s latest parenting mishap? Is allowing her toddler to eat a can of frosting just a minor blip in the perilous journey of parenting, or is it indicative of a deeper problem within the Messer household?

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