Megyn Kelly Talks About Lack Of Support From Fellow ‘Fox News’ Hosts Just Ahead Of Donald Trump Interview

Megyn Kelly is one of the most respected female journalists in news, let alone on Fox News. Despite that fact, there are some people, including Kelly herself, who feel as though Fox hasn’t exactly gotten her back during her feud with presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. The feud between Trump and Megyn Kelly kicked off early in the presidential primary season when Kelly was one of the moderators for a Republican debate. Donald Trump took great offense at some of the questions Kelly fired at him and went on Twitter after the event to hurl insults at the Fox News anchor.

While the network has come under fire since the first diatribe for not coming to her defense, Fox has long claimed it did indeed back her up privately, and there was much ado about nothing. Appearing on Watch What Happens Live, it seems Kelly has not received support from her cohorts in light of the insults and allegations hurled at her by Trump. According to Vanity Fair, Kelly was asked by one caller to the Bravo show, whether she felt Trump went after her so hard because she was a female. The anchor seemed to think there was at least a bit of sexism behind why the presidential candidate singled her out for an attack.

“I was not the only one to hit Trump at the first debate, he didn’t go after them. I think the nature of my question really irritated him… That’s a potential weak spot for him,” Kelly said in response to the question.

Megyn also pointed that it was interesting to watch Donald Trump’s numbers go up and up while he continued to throw metaphorical punches at her. Kelly said he finally stopped climbing when he “smacked into unfavorables with women of 72 percent.” Andy Cohen, the Watch What Happens Live host, then asked whether or not Megyn had received much support from her colleagues at Fox News after it was clear she had become a target of Trump’s.

Specifically, Cohen asked Kelly whether she had heard from fellow Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. Kelly responded she hadn’t received any support from O’Reilly, but then went on to a sort of defense, saying the two colleagues work a different set of hours so they never really talked that much even before she landed in the middle of Trump’s crosshairs. Cohen tried again and asked Kelly if she had received any words of encouragement from Greta Van Susteren, who he called a “major feminist.” Once again Megyn Kelly said she hadn’t heard from her colleague, and once again she claimed to be comfortable with that because Greta was such a busy person.

While Kelly primarily found herself out on an island against Donald Trump, Trump has found himself garnering support from Fox News and the rest of the Republican establishment the closer he gets to the nomination. It appears Trump’s rise in popularity among his party after weathering an “anyone, but Trump” campaign just a few months ago is the reason Fox is trying to put the feud to bed. To put the fight in the rear view mirror, Donald Trump is going appear on Megyn Kelly’s show. The interview is set to air tonight and while Fox isn’t allowing Kelly to give many spoilers, it appears that she and Trump managed to sit in the same room without any major fireworks going off.

According to, Trump and Kelly do address their previous feud in clips which have been released ahead of the full interview. Megyn Kelly has gone on record as saying she is the one who asked for the meeting. Kelly said she offered the olive branch when there was a lull in the tweet storm. The big question now is whether or not Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump are truly going to make peace for the long term.

[Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]