‘NCIS’ Season 13 Finale Teasers: Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo Bids Farewell, Will He Reunite With Ziva As He Leaves The Team? [Spoilers]

The Season 13 NCIS finale airs on Tuesday night on CBS, and this may be a tough one for viewers. Michael Weatherly will be exiting the role of Tony DiNozzo, and it seems there is some juicy stuff ahead with this departure. What NCIS spoilers are available for the May 17 show? Has CBS renewed the show to return this fall?

Michael Weatherly teased some fun NCIS spoilers via TV Guide, and he says that something fans have never known about DiNozzo before will be revealed in this finale. Fans are disappointed to know that Weatherly is leaving the series, but Michael promises that most will have a very positive reaction to how Tony departs. Does he get a happy ending with Ziva as many are hoping?

The actor may be leaving the role for now, but it seems that the door will be left open should Weatherly want to return, and this means he could pop up on one of the spin-off shows again as well. This is good news for fans who may have feared that DiNozzo would be killed off or otherwise sent away in a way that ensured he could not return.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that viewers are rooting for a Tony and Ziva reunion in the Season 13 finale. Nobody knows for certain whether that is where things are headed, but Weatherly promises there will be references to that epic relationship throughout Tuesday’s show. Obviously, Ziva will be involved in some sense, since last week’s episode showed her house on fire, and the team believes that she is being targeted by Jacob Scott. Weatherly shares NCIS spoilers indicating that Ziva is involved in this one, but he adds that some may find the way it plays out to be a bit Shakespearean.

So just what is it that propels DiNozzo to leave the team after so many years together? Executive producer Gary Glasberg teased NCIS spoilers via TV Guide detailing that there are outside influences of an enormous proportion that puts Tony at a crossroads where he feels leaving is the move he needs to make.

The British spy story that has been playing out for a bit will be wrapped up in this Season 13 finale as the team works with both Britain’s MI6 and the FBI to bring down Jacob Scott. Lives may be at risk, and NCIS spoilers tease that some familiar folks will be involved in this. Viewers will want to brace themselves for some shockers, and one team member could be in serious trouble after an injury.

There will be some relationship news during Tuesday’s show as well. NCIS spoilers indicate that Delilah and McGee will make a big move in their relationship, and everybody can expect that to carry over into Season 14 this fall. CBS has renewed NCIS for another round, and it sounds like most of the team will be staying in place.

As TVLine details, Cote de Pablo has said that she will not be visibly present as Ziva during these last moments with Tony on the series. For NCIS fans hoping to see the two head off into the sunset together, barring a twisty shocker of having the actress appear on-screen after all, that is not on the horizon. However, despite the fire at her farmhouse in the last episode, viewers overwhelmingly believe that Ziva is still alive and will play a role in Tony’s decision to leave the team, even if she isn’t seen on-screen.

Will you be happy with Michael Weatherly’s departure if it is wrapped up with a Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David reunion? What else do you hope to see in the Season 13 finale of NCIS as it airs on CBS Tuesday night?

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