After Jon Jones' Next Fight, Floyd Mayweather Wants To Be His New Promoter

Jon Jones' next fight hype caught the attention of Floyd Mayweather. The Money Team wants to move into MMA territory. After Jon Jones' next fight, he might be the new face of The Money Team's MMA initiative. He's favored to be back at the top of the UFC after this summer's UFC 200 rematch against Daniel Cormier. Afterwards, Mayweather and TMT could guide him towards further riches.

Last month Jones fought in his first comeback match after being stripped of the championship title last year. He beat Ovince Saint Preux by unanimous decision. The fight wasn't difficult, but Jon seemed less punishing, as if he was still getting accustomed to the octagon. He managed to walk away with the interim belt for the light heavyweight championship. If Daniel Cormier is healthy, Jones will get the chance in his next fight to win back the official belt.

Mayweather spoke about his idea to get Jon Jones on his team with ESNEWS.
"Jon Jones is with the MMA but we still gotta communicate and put some things together, me and him. We'd love Jon Jones to be a part of TMT. We steady growing. And it's not just about us making money it's about the talent winning. That's what we believe and that's why so many promoters hate us and dislike us, because we believe in the talent winning when it's all said and done."
Conor McGregor's conflicts with the UFC are helping Jones to retake the spotlight. Since McGregor was pulled out of July's upcoming UFC 200 due to disputing promotional duties and announcing a fake retirement, Jon Jones' next fight became the main event. Floyd Mayweather will try to pull Conor McGregor further from UFC territory by taking him into the boxing ring for a fight that will reverse his retirement, if it ever happens.

When asked about the prospects of the fight by ESNEWS, Floyd was positive he could make it happen.

"I'm pretty sure we're gonna have a master plan to make that fight happen. It hasn't happened yet, but we locked down some dates. Me and my team, me and Al Haymon, me and Leonard Ellerbe we locked down some dates in different countries, in different cities in the United States."
As SB Nation reports, since McGregor's contract is in the UFC's hands, a fight like that would require the necessary time for the legal negotiations. The UFC would also have to consider if allowing such a fight to happen would be beneficial. On the other hand, UFC head Dana White might be eager to negotiate a handover to TMT, as he has not publicly come to a resolution about McGregor speaking out against UFC fight promotion duties.But Floyd Mayweather is very much about the business side, so getting himself entrenched with two of the UFC's bigger stars is a strong business move. If deals can be worked out between Floyd and the UFC, it could open up bigger fight promotion opportunities for TMT. Without Mayweather around, boxing doesn't quite have the star power it used to, whereas in MMA, new stars have been constantly surfacing. Holly Holm, Nate Diaz, and Cris "Cyborg" Justino are just some of the most recent fighters to shock the UFC.

Jon Jones' next fight is predicted to bring him back to greatness in the UFC, and that is certainly something The Money Team will want to capitalize on. Conor McGregor might fall farther away from the UFC, and that is also something Mayweather can use. If McGregor can transfer his talents successfully in the boxing ring in the fight against Mayweather, then that won't be his last boxing match. If Jon Jones' next fight puts him back on top, then he'll likely join a team that can turn his popularity into bigger paydays.

[Photo by John Locher/AP Photo]